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Treat heartburn naturally with Systematic Kinesiology

  Heartburn is something that most adults will experience at some time Heartburn, also known as acid reflex, gives a burning sensation in the chest, just behind or below the breastbone. The sensation of pain or discomfort often rises in the chest and often gets worse on lying down or bending over. In Systematic Kinesiology […]

How to Create a Strong Foundation of Health

Strong Foundation of Health Webinar Replay Health has never been so important. It’s been brought to the fore of our lives with people who’s poor health makes them more vulnerable.  While we all “know” what we should be doing, we can be our own worst enemy. So here Siobhan shows you some ways in with […]

The Power of a Simple Kinesiology Balance

. Long term clients, Systematic Kinesiology, and keeping it simple Yesterday I treated one of my longest standing clients.  She has been coming to me for 26 years!  I have treated her in 4 separate venues over those years & the change of location has not deterred her in any way. Sometimes she comes every […]

Working yourself to death?

Working yourself to death? Researchers find that people who work more than this many hours a week, suffer physical and mental health problems. When it comes to your career, there is nothing worse than a job you hate, literally. Employees who worked more than 50 hours in a week suffered from decreased mental and physical […]

Overcome Weight Loss frustration

Overcome Weight Loss frustration with Kinesiology Recently on a Sunday morning in Dublin, I was driving to class and was sure it wouldn’t take that long.  The first part of the journey was easy as every light was green.  I was making good progress and even a little pleased that I’d made the right route […]

Living with eczema: How I helped my daughter

Eczema: How I helped my daughter Eczema is a very common skin condition due to skin inflammation. It may start at any age but the onset is often in childhood.  According to the Irish Skincare Foundation, eczema affects one in five children in Ireland and about one in 12 adults. Some 65% of children grow out of it […]

Improve Shoulder Mobilization with Kinesiology

Improve Shoulder Mobilization with Kinesiology The more precise medical term for a frozen shoulder is “adhesive capsulitis”. It is a condition where normal shoulder ranges of motion are decreased often severely, and there is pain on resting or with even slight movement. Most cases of it can occur in people between the ages of 40 and […]