Here at KinesiologyZone our aim is demonstrate the many ways to reduce stress in all its forms.  We are committed to helping people who seek a healthier life for themselves.  Many of of our students are inspired to help others do the same, such as family, friends and their community. 

We respect the body’s ability to heal itself, and uncovering the reasons it struggles to! Systematic Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies due not only to its whole person approach but its ability to tailor treatment plans to each individual.  This is what more and more people are looking for – personalised healthcare.  With chronic disease rising at epidemic rates, there’s a real need for more practitioners in Ireland.  By getting to the root causes and not just focusing on symptoms, many lifestyle related chronic diseases can be reversed.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide excellent training to our students to both help and encourage them in their own health journey as well as their passion to spread hope to others through their professional practice so that Kinesiology can be experienced by many more.

Systematic Kinesiology

Too many people are struggling with their health. We believe that most health problems are lifestyle problems, and health returns when often small changes are made.  Our work is not focussed in one specific area, but aims to work in mental/emotional, chemical/nutritional, structure and energetic realms.  This gives the practitioner trained in this approach lots of options when it comes to finding the root causes of health issues.  Our goal is to train enough practitioners to meet future demand.

Trust begins to emerge when we have a sense that another person or organisation is driven by things other than their own self-gain

– Simon Sinek

How it all began

I first experienced Kinesiology in 1995 when I visited a practitioner because I was exhausted.  I'd been away for a year, travelling and backpacking throughout SE Asia, Australia, and USA.  By the time I'd been home about 4 months I still wasn't getting my energy back. At my first Kinesiology session, the practitioner recommended I gave up my addiction to Diet Coke!  Along with whatever else she did, I felt amazing, and many months later had followed her advice, felt amazing and I was curious to find out more!

Having already had an interest in holistic therapies (I had studied Reflexology back in 1993), I decided to check out the training in Kinesiology.  That's how I discovered Systematic Kinesiology and the Balanced Health Course.  Siobhan Barnes who was my instructor invited Brian Butler to present a 4 day overview of the course in Ireland.  She taught a small group of us the Balanced Health Course and I knew I'd found something intriguing.

Brian H Butler

Brian Butler then continued to teach our fledging group the material on Diploma Course (after Siobhan Barnes passed away), and for that I will always remain truly grateful to Brian for supporting her vision and believing in us all.

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland was set up in 2000 as demand for courses and workshops increased.

Courses are now run in various locations in Ireland. TASK has taught hundreds of lay people in the art of muscle testing and many have gone on to train as full professional practitioners by graduating from the Diploma Course in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology.

We have a team of course leaders in different parts of the country teaching the live weekends of Balanced Health.  For more information on dates and locations please see the menu options above.

An introduction by Dr Sheldon Deal, DC

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Team of Course Leaders


Siobhan Guthrie
Founder KinesiologyZone™


Clare Doherty
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Derry


Lorraine Elliott
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Waterford


Helena Enright
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Co Clare


Ann McCarren
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Monaghan


Pam McMinn
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Co Down


Valerie McVeigh
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Belfast


Sheila O’Hanlon
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, North Cork and Dublin


Lara van Bergen
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Kilkenny