Our Course Leaders are dedicated practitioners of Systematic Kinesiology and aim to provide students with a supportive and professional learning experience.

Having completed the KinesiologyZone Course Leadership Development Programme, our Course Leaders are part of a dedicated team and growing community of healthcare professionals. Each year they undergo intensive training to continue to develop their expertise and enhance the student optimal learning experience even further.

All have a dedicated commitment and passion to share the simple health concepts of Systematic Kinesiology with others, and you can meet them at various talks and taster events around the country, as well as on the KinesiologyZone™ course “Balanced Health”, and special CPD courses for Physiotherapists.


Siobhan Guthrie
Founder KinesiologyZone™

My name is Siobhan Guthrie and I am the principal of The Academy. Set up in 2000, the administration office is in Westport, Co Mayo.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people who seek a better life for themselves by first improving their health and then are inspired to help others, such as family, friends, and their community.

Our purpose is to provide excellent training to our students to help and encourage them in their professional practice so that Kinesiology can be experienced by many more.

Clare Doherty
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Derry

Systematic Kinesiology has changed me and my family’s lives.  I’m excited to share these simple techniques with others, and am looking forward to be bringing the KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course to Derry, Northern Ireland.


Lorraine Elliott
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Waterford

I am honoured to be a KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course Leader as well as a successful practitioner. I have seen the most unbelievable changes in clients' health, and feel very blessed to support people to become healthy and well again.

Helena Enright
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Co Clare

In 2022, I became a KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health course leader and now run the Balanced Health Course twice yearly in Co. Clare. I love introducing people to a whole range of natural and holistic techniques and tools that can help them to improve their health and overall sense of well-being. Each session is unique as every person presents with different life experiences.


Ann McCarren
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Monaghan


I practice as a full-time Kinesiologist and I am the Course Leader for KinesiologyZone™ delivering the Balanced Health Programme in the Cavan & Monaghan region each Autumn & Spring.  I am also a qualified Biomagnetic Therapist.

Pam McMinn
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Co Down

In March 2020 I started the KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course and completely fell in love with Systematic Kinesiology and I wanted to learn more. I completed the Diploma and graduated in October 2021, and then completed my training as a KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course Leader.

I absolutely love what I do. I have a busy practice in Holywood, Co Down and I am ever so grateful that I am truly living my life’s purpose and passion.


Valerie McVeigh
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Belfast

After completing the KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course, I was hooked and haven’t stopped learning kinesiology since.  I completed the Diploma in Advanced Kinesiology in 2021 and have successfully integrated Kinesiology into my holistic practice, helping to support clients with digestive issues, low back pain, migraines, tiredness, fears and phobias, and so much more.

In 2022 I completed the Course Leaders Development Programme.  Kinesiology has taken me on a journey I never expected but one that has been both challenging and rewarding.

Sheila O’Hanlon
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, North Cork

In my practice and with my KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health courses, I help people release stress with easy-to-use amazing techniques. I no longer underestimate the detrimental power that stress can have which, for some, is a daily battle.


Lara van Bergen
Course leader KinesiologyZone™, Kilkenny

Last year I trained as a Course Leader for the KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health course and become part of an amazing team. It’s an absolute pleasure to share the knowledge and techniques with a variety of people.

KinesiologyZone™ was founded in the beautiful wild west of Ireland.

We have course and healthcare locations nationwide.

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