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Over time this will be a mix of health topics helped with Systematic Kinesiology, as well as a series of interviews.

The Kinesiology Chronicles is the journey our graduates, course leaders and students have taken through Systematic Kinesiology and what they love about working as a practitioner.

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Sheila O’Hanlon #18

Today’s episode is with Systematic Kinesiologist and colleague, Sheila O’Hanlon. About her journey from burnout to freedom and helping others. On a mission to help others, Sheila sees clients in Doneraile, and teaches the Balanced Health course in Charleville, North Cork. You’ll find her health tip videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as […]

Bread, fibre and poop with special guest Karen O’Donoghue #17

Join Siobhan Guthrie as she speakers with Karen O’Donoghue about her special bread. Karen founded the happy tummy co. in London in 2015 after realising that people with digestive health issues were struggling to find food solutions. She now lives in Westport where she has a school “Teach Scoile” which is “the most buzzed about […]

Building a holistic business with special guest Ann Hession #16

You are here to make a difference… here to help people… so why is the business part so hard? In this episode Siobhan Guthrie is joined by Ann Hession, who is an energy healer and business coach about her heart-centered sales trainings. Soulpreneur Success Code – Ann Hession ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Annie McNicholl #15

Join Siobhan as she chats with Systematic Kinesiology practitioner, Annie McNicholl, who graduated in 2019, and runs her busy practice in Co Derry, Northern Ireland. She shares her journey and delight at being able to help people and what she’s learned along the way. You can find here here: ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Marek Urbanowicz #14

Marek first encountered Kinesiology in 1980 when he met Brian Butler.  He was already trained in Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Reflexology, and got his license in Traditional Acupuncture in 1979.  He studied Touch for Health with Brian Butler, then attended the first TFH instructor training in 1981 with Gordon Stokes.  In 1983 Marek attended the first […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Anne Gordon #13

Welcome to a delightful conversation with Whale and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon. She’s based in the southern California area and she shares her message with Siobhan from the whales, her calling to work in this field, and the journey she took to follow her dreams. You can connect with Anne at her website: […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Linda Belcher #12

Siobhan Guthrie talks with Linda Belcher about her work in Systematic Kinesiology, including the Primitive Reflexes. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Mags Clark-Smith #11

Mags draws on her extensive knowledge of the body through dance, psychology and non-verbal communication to empower people to move with confidence and resolve chronic pain. She is one of the four Editors of Psychophysiologic Disorders Medical textbook, published November 2019. Mags joins Siobhan Guthrie in talking about the mind body connection and her journey […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Ralph McCutcheon #10

Ralph qualified at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1973, and started his own clinics in London and thereafter in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. He continued his training, adding Radionics, Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, EFT, TFT and NLP as time went by. He moved back to Northern Ireland in 1986 and, with his wife […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Clare Doherty #9

Clare Doherty’s motivation to learn Systematic Kinesiology was to help her family. Having had her whole family visit with another practitioner and seeing huge improvements, she was determined to learn it for herself. Listen in as Siobhan asks Clare about those early days, and how she now enjoys teaching Kinesiology, to help others help their […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Margaret Fitzgibbon #8

From Physiotherapist to Systematic Kinesiologist, Margaret is now an author too! Hear about her exciting journey from burn out, to motherhood, and how she now has a more balanced life. Margaret Fitzgibbon has just written a children’s book with beautiful illustrations that combines balancing techniques with affirmations and empowering stories. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Dearbhla Reynolds #7

In this episode (7) I speak with Dearbhla Reynolds. Dearbhla is Founder of The Cultured Club, a community passionate and committed to health and well-being through good gut health. She has educated and inspired the fermentation community with her book of the same name published in 2017. People, community and accessing good health are at […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Valerie McVeigh

Join Siobhan as she chats with Systematic Kinesiologist Valerie McVeigh who went from her full time job of 30 years to Reflexology first in Co Down. Then wanting to help clients even more, and having benefited from Systematic Kinesiology herself, she joined the training in 2020 and is now a Course Leader teaching Balanced Health […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with Special Guest Helena Enright

Helena Enright based in Co Clare and Limerick shares her introduction to Systematic Kinesiology. Previously a university lecturer in the UK, and shares how when she reached burnout, low energy, and found help in the fascinating world of Systematic Kinesiology, and uncovering some digestive imbalances. Helena will take about emotions and how she works with […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with Special Guest Pam McMinn

Pam McMinn, Systematic Kinesiologist, and Health Coach with a focus on weight loss, from a nourishment, loving way and clearing past beliefs. Based in Co Down, Northern Ireland, Pam is a practitioner and KinesiologyZone Balanced Health Course Leader. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Kinesiology Chronicles with Special Guest Maria Mooney

Maria Mooney joins Siobhan to talk about her journey from primary school teacher in Madrid to becoming a Systematic Kinesiologist. Maria once suffered from skin problems and decided to go to a Kinesiologist after a friend talked about how her mum was one, and her friend had never need to go to the doctor! |Maria […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Ann McCarren

Ann McCarren is a nutritionist in Monaghan started her career in health after working in a stressful banking job. A celiac she always had an interested in health and her personal journey to transforming her own health and becoming a nutritionist, then Systematic Kinesiologist. Listen to this episode as she shares her passion for helping […]

Kinesiology Chronicles with Special Guest Lara van Bergen

Lara van Bergen, shares her journey from back pain to health and wellness, and how she chose Systematic Kinesiology. At her clinic in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, she helps people with a wide range of health issues. The main issues she works with, would be related to digestive issues/ depression and anxieties/ back and knee problems […]