The Power of a Simple Kinesiology Balance


Long term clients, Systematic Kinesiology, and keeping it simple

Yesterday I treated one of my longest standing clients.  She has been coming to me for 26 years!  I have treated her in 4 separate venues over those years & the change of location has not deterred her in any way.

Sometimes she comes every change of season, sometimes monthly, or every couple of months. The choice is entirely hers as to what feels right.  She always leaves saying she feels amazing & never fails to make another appointment.  And in the entire time I have been treating her, she has never been late & only once has she forgotten an appointment with me.

What do I do with her?

And this is the point I want to make – most of the time I simply balance her.  I listen carefully to what she says & then perhaps within the balance target whatever specific problem/issue/preventive concern she would like addressed.  Sometimes it is more advanced material, other times it is literally tools from the Balanced Health level – eg She went through a phase of being vegetarian & wanted her protein levels checked.  I could do that for her.

Other times she may have a stress to deal with, so I can use all the emotional tools that we learn ESR from Balanced Health 1, temporal tap, Bach & meridian work, etc.  Or perhaps it is more of a structural problem; her neck perhaps played up – so that can be worked on within the balance.

The core of my treatment – is to balance her

So whilst I will pull other material out of the bag, the absolute core of my treatment with her – & she has told me she loves this – is to balance her, rub the points & LISTEN to her talking about her various stresses.  Most people are not listened to.  They do not have the time/opportunity nor people who really really listen.  As we say in the TACT Workshop – a lot of people are listening to respond/reply – rather than simply listening with ears, eyes, undivided attention & our hearts.  And we know that balancing someone whilst rubbing their points, giving nutritional reward etc. has a profound impact on their ability to deal with whatever stress they are in the mode of.

“Fix as you go”

A really simple 14 muscle test & balance, fix as you go is a fabulous treatment – the efficacy of which is not to be underestimated.  So, for those of you about to embark on this as a change of career, this is to encourage you to get working on people Immediately – you already have tremendous power in your hands & toolbox.  And for those of you who have completed your training, always remember the potent basics!

Stephanie Mills is a senior member of the KinesiologyZone team.  Her background in Systematic Kinesiology extends back to the years where she worked with Brian Butler in setting up the Academy and Association in the UK.  Stephanie teaches the TACT Workshop and Emotions weekends for the Diploma Course, as well as the Balanced Health Course through the online video library.