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    Videos about Systematic Kinesiology

    Presentations from our 2017 KinesiologyZone Open Day explaining our Natural Healthcare Solution

    Reduce Stress and Increase Wellness

    Every one of us has the capacity to help another person. Some of us make a career of it! If you feel compelled to learn more about health, wellness and natural methods, then you’re going to enjoy our presentation.

    Presentation: Caroline McGrath, explains MCPE

    MCPE is our foundational principle that helps us to look at health issues differently.  We can make sense of the various symptoms and offer an explanation as to some of the possible reasons you’re feeling the way you feel.

    “We believe everyone should have access to an integrated natural healthcare solution, that’s easy to use, tailored to each individual’s needs and empowers them to significantly enhance the quality of their lives.”

    Presentation: Liam Daly, demonstrates Emotional Stress Release

    How we feel often determines how we enjoy life.  Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed?  Liam demonstrates our powerful way to reduce emotional stress.

    Presentation: Mella Britton, our Donegal Course Leader, explains Food Sensitivity Testing

    The body can be stressed in lots of different ways, but one thing we have most control over is what we eat each day.  But the subject of food can be confusing.  As Systematic Kinesiologist we can test for the foods that you eat every day and see if there is something that could be contributing to your stress levels.

    Systematic Kinesiology is a health care system that uses muscle testing as a diagnostic tool. Literally being able to find which foods your body reacts well to, and finding those that aren’t so beneficial.  When testing a muscle it should be able to remain strong when fully balanced. But muscle strength may be impaired for lots of reasons – injury, stress and even foods. It is simple to determine which foods you may be intolerant to – because the muscle goes weak when tested.

    Presentation: Lorraine Elliott our Waterford Course Leader helping Back Pain

    80% of people suffer from Back Pain at some stage in their lives.  Here are some simple ways that Systematic Kinesiology addresses back pain.

    Presentation: Sheila O’Hanlon our Charleville Course Leader, demonstrates how we help people who are Adrenally Stressed

    She shares her own story about how stressed she was before Systematic Kinesiology and helps a participant who has
    sore knees.

    Presentation: Angela Corley, our Mayo Course Leader, demonstrates Surrogate Testing

    Using a surrogate helps clients who can’t be tested directly – like babies and toddlers, as well as those in severe pain for example.

    To find out how you can learn this for yourself, check out our Balanced Health Courses starting soon.