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Find A Kinesiologist – A Graduate Of Our Programmes Who Are Working Professionally With Systematic Kinesiology.

Diploma graduates are fully qualified in Systematic Kinesiology.

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A Whole Person Approach

Search for a Systematic Kinesiologist by selecting a County above.  Whether in the Republic or North of Ireland, our practitioners are graduates of the professional training, the Diploma in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology.

Alice McCormick

CLINIC:                   Draperstown (Derry) or Cookstown (Tyrone)

MOBILE:                 07561 728 451

FB/INSTAGRAM:  alice_kinesiology


Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

BEd Primary Education

I enjoy working with all clients in helping to find the root cause of their symptoms in order to promote lasting healing. Each session is tailored to the client, whether it is for a General MOT or a specific concern. As a primary school teacher, I love working with children in addition to treating adults. Many common areas I treat are chronic pain, fatigue and ‘burnout’, digestive issues, period and hormonal issues, skin issues, injuries and trauma. We work together on simple lifestyle choices and practical steps to get you feeling like yourself again. A healthier, happier you!

Amy Lavery

Clinic: Eglinton Wellness Centre, Eglinton, BT47 3DW
Tel: 0872226970

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK
APPI Certified Matwork and Reformer Pilates Instructor

For me, it is a privilege to help people feel and move better.

A particular interest of mine is women’s health from early womanhood right through to the post menopausal years. I like to treat anything from chronic pain, digestive issues, constipation, painful periods, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, PMS and hot flushes.

If you would like to know how I can help you please get in touch, I will be happy to assist you on your journey to wellness.

Angela Corley

Clinic: Claremorris, Co Mayo
Tel: 087 925 5372
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK,

Find a Kinesiolgoist Ann Dunne Wexford

Ann Dunne

Clinic: Wexford Kinesiology, Gorey
Tel: 087 203 7732
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Special Needs Assistant

Working as a Systematic Kinesiologist I help clients who want to improve their physical and mental well-being. Clients have come to me to improve their recurring injuries, lower back pain, bowel issues, anxiety, learning difficulties, work related stress, trauma, grief, goal setting, and restoring balance to their daily lives.

Each session is tapered around the goals or changes that the individual wants to achieve in their life.

Ann Leonard

Clinic: Crossmolina
Tel: 087 054 6251
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK,Holistic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

My passion is to help people heal from everyday stresses and to manage their pain in a holistic manner. Many of the people who come to me for help, live in a constant flight or fight state & suffer from adrenal exhaustion. I work with each person to help bring their life into balance by listening to them & what their body tells me about the mental, chemical, physical, electrical & emotional aspects of their life & help them heal themselves.

Ann McCarren

Clinic: Monaghan
Tel: 087 925 5372
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

My intention for you as a client is to guide your body and mind back to a state of health, harmony and vitality using Systematic Kinesiology, Biomagnetic Therapy and Nutrition. I work with all health challenges and age groups,

Anne Marie O’Sullivan

Clinic Address: Ardamine, Gorey, Co Wexford
Tel: 087 697 9304

Systematic Kinesiologist
Reiki Practitioner
Registered General Nurse

My Kinesiology treatments are individually tailored to meet your body’s holistic needs. I aim to support you in bringing your body back to it’s emotional, chemical, structural & energetic balanced state of health and wellness through using muscle testing & non-invasive techniques.

Aoife Kendellen

CLINIC LOCATION:   Laois & Wicklow


MOBILE:                      086 389 9327

Systematic Kinesiologist, also a specialist in Reiki and Rahanni.

Find a Kinesiologist Brenda Darcy

Brenda Darcy

Clinic: Blackrock, County Dublin
Tel: 087 682 7462
Systematic Kinesiology, Reflexology, Bio-testing, Reiki, Indian head massage

“Not sick but not well either” probably sums up a lot of the clients that come to me. Often the problem is food intolerance, lymph drainage, stress or emotional issues so I combine all my qualifications to adapt the treatment for each individual client so they benefit from the very best I can offer. I also combine the holistic approach of mind body energy so that the whole body gets a treatment in a session, you leave feeling on top of the world again.

Caitriona Callanan

CLINIC:      Knockroe, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

MOBILE:    087 760 6253



Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK 2017

Mindfulness Coach

I work with a range of clients who suffer with digestive issues, migraines, skin conditions, menopausal issues etc.



Find a Kinesiologist Caoibhe Bailie Belfast

Caoibhe Bailie

Clinic: Belfast
Tel: 0785 496 7452
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Bio Resonance

I work with clients of all ages using Systematic Kinesiology, EFT, Nutritional advice and Bio Resonance scanning. Many of my clients struggle with a range of digestive complaints including IBS, bloating and heartburn; skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis;  headaches/migraines; low energy; poor sleep and anxiety.

Carmel Rose

Clinic: Green St, Callan
mobile: 087 265 7172

Therapies: Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Aura-Soma Colour Care.

I work in partnership my Husband from our Health Store “Food For Life” in Kilkenny city and the town of Callan Co. Kilkenny, Our clinics are in our Callan Shop. Working with Alternative Health for 30 yeas I still get amazed at the results one can get from simple adjustments in diet and alternative therapies.
I love the two therapies I practice, Systematic Kinesiology and Aura-Soma as they work well on there own or as a complement to each other.
I work with clients of all ages, I especially like to assist clients with stress/sleeplessness and digestive issues.

Caroline McGrath

Clinic: Kinesihealth Leitrim, Drumshanbo
Tel: 0871235689

Systematic Kinesiology, DipTASK 2009
Dip ITEC 2004 in anatomy and physiology, stress management, gym instruction, holistic massage, Indian head massage & aromatherapy.

With over 20 years experience in natural health care, I have been practicing kinesiology since 2008 after resolving my own health issues with kinesiology.
I now specialise in helping clients to resolve fatigue, IBS, weight, skin and emotional issues.

Find a Kinesiologist Catriona Walsh Dungarven

Catriona Walsh

Clinic: Dungarven, X35 PH34
Tel: 087 774 3640
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

I work with clients who struggle with issues that they cannot get to the root cause. Who on a daily basis have stomach issues, sensitivities, chronic pain all over with no clear medical diagnosis. I use an MCPE approach looking at all areas of the body, lifestyle factors, emotional issues and electrical imbalances to help empower clients with the knowledge to guide them back to balance.

Clare Doherty

Clinic: Buncrana, Co Donegal. F93 X9C1
Tel: 086 170 1741
Systematic Kinesiology
Course Leader KinesiologyZone™, Derry

I work with clients who struggle with digestive problems, including IBS, constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis and leaky gut. I also work with a wide range of other problems such as anxiety, headaches, back pain, and stress. I use Kinesiology with good nutrition and a balanced healthy diet to get the body balanced. I have had many great results from clients who have had suffered from severe constipation (on 8 laxative sachets a day at 8 years old to none at all).

Clare Flack

Clinic: Still Waters Health, Dromore
Tel: 07712721857
Systematic Kinesiology DipSK

I practice as a fully qualified Systematic Kinesiologist and also have qualifications in teaching children with learning difficulties through the University of New York after living in Canada for 15 years.
I see people of all ages in clinic from babies to those in their 90s! With a diverse range of health complaints coming to me, I love the variety in helping those with digestive issues, chronic pain, women’s health and issues such as anxiety and mood disorders. Especially love helping children in learning and with my own personal experience with Lyme disease helping those regain a quality of life. My main aim is to give everyone “Hope” within their health.

Collette Reilly

Clinic: Drumlish Injury Clinic, Drumlish
mobile: 087 627 6165

Therapies: Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Reiki

I am passionate about helping people to recover in a holistic manner from issues such as: Back Ache, Muscular Pain, Digestive Issues, Headaches and Fatigue .

A range of techniques are used to improve the client’s general well- being which include, food testing, energy healing, food supplements and Bach remedies.

Erin Elliott

Erintuitive Health

Clinic: Erintuitive Health, Life HQ Beauty Clinic, Pearse Rd. Sligo Town
Tel: 083 181 3975
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Biomedicine CNM, Yoga Teacher 200hr YTT

Feeling a bit left behind by the established medical system? If digestion or skin issues are driving you bananas; if your hormones are out of whack; if your joints are giving you gyp; and if you feel wired, tired, sad or mad – come in for an Erintuitive Health Kinesiology tune up!

Through a series of muscle tests, lymphatic massage, chakra & energy meridian therapy, self care coaching, nutritional counselling, food testing – and more – I will leave no stone unturned to help you feel what healthy feels like again.

I specialise in: Emotional Empowerment, Mindfulness, Women’s Health & Naturopathic Nutrition.

Evelyn Jackson

CLINIC:              ‘The Sanctuary’ The Grove, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow

MOBILE:            085 120 7396



Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK; DipAK

I provide treatments for Pain Relief, Food Sensitivity, Stress & Anxiety, Digestive Issues and your General Wellbeing.

Finola Foley Systematic Kinesiology

Finola Foley

Clinic: Grangeville Healing, Fethard on Sea, Y34N732
Tel: 087 364 1540
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

My specialty is working with chronic fatigue, digestive issues, back pain and rare or unexplained symptoms. I consider myself to be a mechanic for human’s, and use manual techniques with natural remedies to resolve issues. Together we look at nutrition, positive thoughts and improving habits for the best possible outcome.

Fiona Fisher

Clinic: Inishowen and Derry Northern Ireland
Tel: +44 7901 577025
Systematic Kinesiology

I work with clients of all ages for a variety of issues in both Inishowen and Derry. I particularly enjoy treating clients with digestive issues, headaches, Constipation and Diarrhea and Stress and using a full Holistic approach.

Gertrude Lawlor Systematic Kinesiologist Kildare

Gertrude Lawler

Clinic: Clane
Tel: 086 388 8535
Systematic Kinesiologist, Food Technologist, Juice therapist, Nutrition and Health Coach.

I’m Gertrude Lawler, Natural Health Enthusiast and advocate of healing the mind and body with a “practical sense approach” which includes at its core reconnection with oneself through self-love, self-kindness and self-care.I work with people who are keen to get to the bottom of their chronic health issues such as tiredness, stress, poor sleep, low moods, digestive matters, low energy, low self-esteem and lots more. Getting well is an education and I will help you to understand in a practical way what is going on for you and most importantly what you can do about it. We can work together in person or virtually or a blend of both which ever suits your needs the most.

Gillian Kavanagh

Clinic: Brannockstown, Trim, Co. Meath
Tel: 0872226970
Dip TASK, Child Centre Method, AFP

As a former Course Leader for KinesiologyZone, I am passionate about how Kinesiology, using the ancient Law of 5 Elements, can tap into the underlying cause of illness and return my clients to wellness through a whole body approach called MCPE. The energy flow of organs can be blocked due to mental, chemical, physical and energetic reasons. Personally I love working with emotions and use “attuning to full potential” to find the root cause of anxiety and stress. Having Dyslexia myself I love helping with learning difficulties and can identify which primative reflexes need to be integrated to support my clients of all ages.

Helena Enright

Clinics: Limerick City, Ennis and Loughrea
Tel: 089 616 9243

Systematic Kinesiology Cert ASK

Balanced Health Course Leader (Clare)

I set up Infinite Wellbeing in 2021 as I am passionate about helping people to discover the root cause of their symptoms so that they can improve their overall health and well-being and start embracing life more fully. Each session is unique as every person presents with different life experiences. I love working with people of all ages and can help people with anxiety, digestive discomfort, sleep issues, hormonal problems, grief and any other problems that are preventing you from living a full life with ease and flexibility. Drawing on over twenty years in performance, education and the applied arts I offer a safe, compassionate and private space attuned to your unique individual needs. I also give talks and run workshops for groups in the community and the corporate world.

Jessica Kane

Clinic: Letterfrack, Galway H91 F9NK
Tel: 086 371 6185
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Pranic Healing

I use Pranic Healing and Systematic Kinesiology together to help those living with digestive, emotional or physical issues. Using nutrition, Bach Flowers and energy work, I can help my clients determine the root cause of an ailment and take back control of their own wellness.

Karen Sweeney

Karen Sweeney

Location: Ramelton, Co.Donegal
Mobile: 086 856 5577
Instagram: @konnections_sk

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, H.Dip Ed., H.Dip SEN, Advanced Systematic Kinesiology Dip. TASK, Dip. Nutrition, Reflexology & Indian Head Massage.

Find a Kinesiolgoist Kathy McCumiskey

Kathy McCumiskey

Clinic: Waterford City
Tel: 087 655 1893

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

In my clinic I see people of all ages with all ailments. I use a holistic approach on the symptoms that people arrive with to get to the root cause of what’s troubling them.

I especially love working with children and am trained in the Child Centre Method.

Lara van Bergen

Clinic: Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Tel: 087 772 4446
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Course Leader & NLP Practitioner

In my practice I love to work with all sorts of people, all ages, all different backgrounds.
The main issues I work with though, would be related to digestive issues/ depression and anxieties/ back and knee problems and hormones imbalances.
Kinesiology is amazing and I am so grateful to be able to be part of people’s journeys!

Lorraine Elliott

Clinic: Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny, X91E9R7
Tel: 086 403 3015
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Yoga
Course Leader KinesiologyZone™

Kinesiology in Mooncoin.  With many years of experience in Systematic Kinesiology and many other healing modalities such as Shamanism, Yoga teaching, NLP, Nutrition and functional biochemistry, I use a person-centred approach to support people to get to the root cause of dis-ease and imbalance in the body. As every client and treatment is individual each session is tailored to your specific needs. I am often approached by clients who have tried a wide variety of treatments to no avail. Systematic Kinesiology supports people back to full health…the results clients experience are truly life changing. Treatments consist of nutritional advice, energetic testing for viral, fungal, bacterial and parasite infections, toxin detection; detox programme, emotional and structural work and balancing of the whole body.

Luke Gannon

Clinic: Connemara
Tel: 087 109 3083

Systematic Kinesiology, DipTASK

I enjoy working with clients of all ages. I am particularly passionate about helping people with mental health struggles such as depression and anxiety. Most clients experience great improvements following 1 to 3 sessions.

Maria Mooney

Clinic: Portstewart, Co. Derry
Tel: 07311 287161

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

I work with clients who want to be free from digestive, energy, skin, pain, and sleep issues through healing hormonal and gut imbalances. Sessions together aim to address emotional, nutritional, structural, and energetic imbalances in the body, while a focus is put on food and lifestyle adjustments as home-care to support progress.

Mary Collins

Clinic:  Tipperary
Tel: 087 290 6316

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

I specialise in helping clients with digestive problems and constipation, for the simple reason so many of my clients present with ileo-cecal valve problems.  I also work with back, neck, shoulder, leg, and hip pain.

Find a Kinesiologist Mella Britton Donegal

Mella Britton

Clinic: Skin Therapy at Britton’s, (above Britton’s Pharmacy)  Donegal Town
Tel: 087 230 6697
Systematic Kinesiology, Beauty Therapy, Reiki Master

I work with all ages, from babies to the very elderly. I help clients who have skin problems, structural issues, digestive issues along with stress/emotional issues. One big success is a young ME patient who on the first day had to be physically carried into my Salon; a year later, she was out jiving and thriving! I take part in Health Fairs, and have been a guest speaker at local sports clubs and societies.

Niamh McNellis

CLINIC:      Laracor, Trim, Co Meath

MOBILE:    086 384 7706

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

I’m passionate about helping people heal holistically.

Niamh Roche

CLINIC:      Ballyedmond, Gorey, Co. Wexford

MOBILE:    087 611 9892



Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK; Feng Shui Master Certificate;  BTEC Diploma in Professional Nutrition & Health coaching; Reiki Practitioner

Pam McMinn

Clinic: Co Down
Tel: 07966 056817
Systematic Kinesiology DipSK
Nutrition and Eating Physiology Coach.

I am a Systematic Kinesiologist and Health Coach. I help people with all kinds of illnesses and conditions such as fibromyalgia, headaches, skin conditions, weight loss, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, gut health and healing. My aim is to empower my clients to transform their health, weight, energy, mood and sleep. Do not wait for an illness to occur to make you want to improve your health, get in touch.

Patricia Kearns

Clinic: Ballintogher, Co Sligo
Tel: 086-8138963

I help people who struggle with backache, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, allergies and digestive issues. Using the Systematic Kinesiology whole body approach to health I work on the root cause of problems rather than just easing symptoms.  I find that many clients suffer with chronic pain and stiffness due to old injuries such as car accidents, sports related sprains or repetitive strains. In Systematic Kinesiology we have a very effective technique called “Injury Recall” which helps to restore flexibility to joints and muscles quickly and gently. This in turn enables my clients of all ages to enjoy exercising and become fit and active again.

Peter Costelloe

Clinic: Kilkenny City and Mullinahone Co. Tipperary
Tel: 087 7995142

Roberta Branagan

CLINIC:   Galway
MOBILE: 086 394 7605

QUALIFICATIONS:    Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

My own health focussed around fibromyalgia, underactive thyroid, anxiety and sleep, so I work with a lot of people with these issues, as well as enjoying working with clients of all ages from birth to 80’s and 90’s.

Rosaleen Storey

CLINIC:  Glenagark, The Ballagh, Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford

MOBILE:  087 296 3380



I’m a retired nurse and qualified Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK.  My area of expertise is helping clients, in particular with STRESS related Issues.

Sadie Grant

Clinic: Inishowen, F93P5N2
Tel: 086 268 3929
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK
GAPS (Gut and Psychology) Practitioner/Nutrition/Psychology/BioMagnetic Therapy and ART

Working as a Systematic Kinesiologist helps me to fulfill my purpose. I have searched for some time for an integrated health solution practice, one that would be genuine to my clients and to my conscience. I have found all that in Systematic Kinesiology for which I will remain eternally grateful.

Find a Kinesiologist Sharon Howard

Sharon Howard

Clinic: Maynooth, W23 V8Y4
Tel: 086 408 8771
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

As a Systematic Kinesiologist, Massage and Nutritional Therapist, I advise on Thyroid Health, Energy/Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Immune Support, Allergies & Digestive Health. I also offer remote appointments at this time by zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or phonecall.

Sharon McKelvey

Clinic: Dungloe, Co.Donegal
Tel: 083 115 1066
Systematic Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Bio resonance therapy and Auricular acupuncture

I enjoy meeting and working with clients of all ages. I am particularly interested in clients with digestive disorders but I also enjoy working with clients who have structural issues, emotional/stress related issues and most will usually see an improvement in their symptoms within 1 – 3 visits. I will also incorporate my other modalities where they are indicated in order to give the client the best opportunity to let their body come back into balance

Sheila O’Hanlon

Clinic: North Cork
Tel: 086 415 1754
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK
Course Leader KinesiologyZone™

I enjoy working with clients of all ages. I’m particularly interested in clients with autoimmune disorders and many experience huge improvements in their symptoms within 1 to 3 visits.  I run workshops with the Irish ME Trust and I’m a regular guest speaker on fibromyalgia.

Shelley O’Doherty

Clinic:              West Limerick Holistic Practice, Ardagh, Co Limerick


Mobile:            086 843 5368

Qualifications:  Advanced Dip Systematic Kinesiology; Touch for Health Homeopath Lic, ISH, IS ; Hom Sports Massage Therapist;  Dip Sports Injury management;  Cupping ABC method;  Bach Flowers

I treat people of all ages (my youngest client so far was 2 weeks old and oldest client 82). I also treat people regardless of symptoms or problems. Food sensitivities, best babies milk, to people having had brain bleeds. Gut issues are a very common problem I see in my practice such as reflux, bloating and constipation. I treat a lot of structural issues too, from head to toe and all in between. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss the problem you’d like help with.

Find a Kinesiologist Simon Turley

Simon Turley

Clinic. The Calm Rooms Monkstown
Tel: 087 231 7225

Systematic Kinesiology, Nutritional Therapy and a certified Gut & Psychology practitioner. Dip TASK, Dip NST, Cert GAPS, mNTOI

I combine Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy to help individuals gain control over the health issues that have caused health disruption within their lives. It can benefit many individuals experiencing symptoms including digestive issues, stress & anxiety, food allergies & intolerances, recurring illness & infections, weight management, low energy and learning difficulties.

Sinead Godwin

Clinic: Triskle Centre, Salthill, H91 EHT3
Tel: 087 632 1363
Systematic Kinesiology, Neuromuscular therapy, Deep tissue sports massage, Reflexology

Siobhan Guthrie

Clinic: Westport, Co Mayo
Tel: 087 2719863
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, coaching.
KinesiologyZone Principal

I work with clients who want to be free of digestive issues & fatigue and regain their health for long term enjoyment. Explore and release stress, feel more balanced, and get a better understanding of what suits you. Food testing, energy work, supplements and Bach Flowers.

Stephanie Mills

Clinic: Surbiton, Greater London KT6 7RN
Tel: +44 7789 437194
Systematic Kinesiology, Acupuncture
Senior Course leader for KinesiologyZone™

Suzanne Corrigan

Clinic: EKKO Health &Beauty, Clonard Rd, and Talbot Hotel.
Tel: 087 136 4076
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Beauty Therapist ITEC, CIBTAC, CIDESCO
HIgher Certificate in Makeup for Film, Television and Theatre, 500hr YA YogaTeacher, Reiki Master

Suzanne embraces a holistic approach to her client’s physical, emotional, mental and digestive issues. Rebalancing the body and supporting her clients on their wellness journey by drawing knowledge from her ayurvedic yoga background, as well as combining reiki energy to her treatments.

Theresa Lyons Forde

CLINIC:      Orchard Wellness Centre 1 St. Anthony’s Terrace Harmony Row, Ennis, Co. Clare.

MOBILE:    086 845 9569



Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK; Reflexology; Indian head massage; Hopi ear candling; Rahanni Celestial healing; Aromatouch technique.

I’m always happy to have a phone consultation to discuss your individual requirements.


Therese Axelsson

Clinic: T.A. Wellness Rosslare
Tel: 085 2711059

With passion and dedication I help my clients to better health.

Tracy Gallagher

Clinic:  Letterkenny
Tel: 089 261 8850

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Beauty Therapist ITEC, Beauty Lecturer ITEC, Hopi Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Kids Mindfulness Practitioner

I specialize in working with children on the autism spectrum and have had life changing results for the families involved. I have a clinic in Letterkenny and see clients from babies to adults. I love the holistic approach in working with kids and have devised a kids programme using Systematic Kinesiology techniques which can help with food sensitivities, sleep, digestive issues and emotional upsets.

Valerie [brooks-healy]

Company name:              The Wholeness of You
Clinic:                                Gorey, Wexford
Contact number:             0877811069
Email address:       
Facebook                          valerie brooks-healy

Instagram:                        the_wholeness_of_you

Qualified in:

Advanced Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology;  Diploma in Reflexology, Baby Reflexology, Aroma Reflexology for teens, men and women’s hormonal imbalances plus Acucpressure Auricular Reflexology;  Baby Massage from August 2024;  Registered Nurse;  Specialist in Palliative Care.

My goal for you is to help you return your body and mind to a state of inner peace and balance where you feel more like yourself again.

To do this, I look at the root cause of your tiredness/fatigue/burnout/exhaustion. I look at all areas of pain (acute/chronic), physical injuries, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, skin problems and nutritional deficiencies to include food sensitivity testing.

A passion of mine is helping with past emotional traumas and how they become stuck within your body and I also prepare you for future worries that exist but “hold you back” from being the best version of yourself.

Another passion is helping those with learning difficulties, like dyslexia. My studies of this group of teens has shown Systematic Kinesiology to help with many areas of their lives as they now have gained more insight into promoting their own health and well-being and practical tools they can implement to make this a reality.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Valerie McVeigh

Clinic: Sole Sanctuary Holistic Health, Comber
Tel: 07456 384006
Systematic Kinesiology DipSK

Victoria Sharpe

Clinic: Armagh
Tel: 07748731557
Qualifications: Systematic Kinesiology, DipTASK

I have been practicing Systematic Kinesiology since 2009 and continue to see a variety of people of all ages for all sorts of problems – mostly when no help can be found elsewhere!