Learn Systematic Kinesiology the Balanced Health Way

Kinesiology Dublin, Waterford, Cork, and Derry, Monaghan, Clare, Kilkenny, Co Down and Co Antrim

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland was established in 2000.  We run professional training courses, 3 month part time foundation training and our 13 month Diploma Course leading to a qualification.  We’re very proud of our graduates who are busy helping people throughout Ireland.

The demand for well trained Systematic Kinesiologists continues to grow and we invite you to consider the Balanced Health course below,

  • as the first step to a new and rewarding career, or
  • if you’re already a practitioner in another modality a course that can add to your range of skills, or
  • a course that can bring health and balance to you and your family.

Learn Systematic Kinesiology and understand how the body works. Becoming skilled in muscle testing you will be able to help others

Being able to help others is why most people learn the holistic therapy – Systematic Kinesiology.  Often our students have experienced relief from a health issue, and want to learn more so they can share the knowledge and help others to help themselves.  Other students are already trained in another modality, but are looking for something that brings all their modalities together or expand into an area they know is affecting their clients.  And others have a deep interest in all things holistic and for them this is the first step along that journey.

We welcome people of all ages, and from all walks of life and profession.

I’m so delighted I took the course. I’ve had some Kinesiology sessions before and went to a taster event.  I knew it was something I wanted to do.  I use the techniques to help with exam stress, as well as so many other techniques for my own well-being and those of others.  I would 100% recommend the course.    Eithne, Balanced Health Spring 2019

Our Whole Person approach is truly unique, and is an exciting way to work with clients.  The approach a Systematic Kinesiologist uses is to first appreciate the individuality of each person, and seek to discover the underlying causes to health issues.  Most health issues can be found in the habits and lifestyle we live every day.  How we think, eat, move and sleep, so it makes sense to start here when dealing with health issues.

I have gotten huge value from this course.  It has changed my life and my family’s lives for the better.  I love that I have many ways to find and fix any issues that come up. Jessica, Balanced Health Spring 2019

The first step to helping others, is to focus on helping yourself first.  Balanced Health offers you the opportunity to uncover where the body is not being nourished and supported, learn how the body works, and learn the simple ways to help the body function better – emotionally, nutritionally and structurally.

Balanced Health is available to everyone.  It is the starting point to learn Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland, whether you’re already experienced in health care or not.  The course is perfect for those who would like to benefit from our whole person approach both for themselves, and their clients, family and friends.  Many of our students are nurses, accountants, office admin staff, or working as a reflexologist, massage therapist, or other holistic therapy. When you come to learn Systematic Kinesiology everyone starts from the beginning.  Everything you learn you will be able to incorporate into your life immediately.  All the techniques are quick to learn, safe and enjoyable to use.

I thought when I started this course that Kinesiology would be a helpful “tool”.  I didn’t realise just how many issues could be helped and fixed.  The more videos I watch and read up on it just amazed me what it can be used for. Off to meet the girls this morning for a bit of practice.” Sheila

Siobhan Guthrie, the founder and principal of KinesiologyZone, has been teaching Systematic Kinesiology since 2000. Our courses are among the most comprehensive Kinesiology courses available and are of the highest standard.