“The Elusive Protocol” Workshop with
Marek Urbanowicz

5-6 November 2022
CityNorth Hotel, MI, Co Meath

Marek Urbanowicz. MA. MAc. MBAcC. ICAK (UK)

‘The Elusive Protocol!’

This workshop will show you a way of putting “all” of what we do, together as a working protocol. It will take your existing skills to a new level – as well as introduce you to some new techniques.  Marek will demonstrate his way of assessing clients right from the moment they walk through the door, show you his screening tests & thorough diagnostics – & then how he addresses what he finds.

Marek first encountered Kinesiology in 1980 when he met Brian Butler.  He was already trained in Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Reflexology, and got his licence in Traditional Acupuncture in 1979.  He studied Touch for Health with Brian Butler, then attended the first TFH instructor training in 1981 with Gordon Stokes.  In 1983 Marek attended the first advanced kinesiology course in Holland with Dr. Sheldon Deal and continued studying with him for over 10 years.

What You Will Learn

Marek will show you how he works.  With the client standing, he will go through a visual assessment, observe them walking, stability and basic gait testing.  Next he works with clients on the couch.

He will demonstrate what he checks for including:

  • checking four stages of hypertonicity,
  • basic range of motion tests,
  • the body clock,
  • emergency, arm and sub modes,
  • systematic hypo/hyper muscles,
  • 51% muscles (hidden weakness),
  • injury recall in depth,
  • difficult to test muscles,
  • trigger points,
  • dural torque,
  • emotional causes and
  • meridian imbalances.

This Workshop will cover all this and more. Marek’s extensive acupuncture background, wealth of knowledge and experience, will not only deepen your understanding, it will show you a way of putting it “all” together as a working protocol.  He has developed and uses this protocol daily in treatment so there is going to be new insights to this way of working.

“I have known Marek since 1982, have been his patient & have studied with him.  I can vouch for his breadth of knowledge, his pragmatic approach & excellent presentation skills – as well as his generous imparting of information.

I know that you will gain tremendously from attending this seminar – it will deepen your confidence & broaden your understanding of your current skills & give you insights into new applications & approaches to our clients.  Marek has been using & continually improving his protocol for 30 years – & we are privileged that he is sharing it with us.”   Stephanie Mills

‘The Elusive Protocol!’

This is the second time that Marek will be teaching this particular workshop in Ireland.  The first time was in March 2019 and we’re delighted finally to be back in the room.  Marek will cover a mix of new techniques, revisit old ones, or update them, plus there will be time to practice.

His practice is very diverse reflecting the 40 years or so that he’s been studying, which he describes as “an endlessly fascinating journey“.

“Marek has been a staunch supporter of ASK and TASK in the UK ever since the beginning. He is a highly respected acupuncturist and Systematic Kinesiologist.  Marek has a unique style in the way he presents material he is teaching, with clarity and simplicity.  He will no doubt add more colour to your understanding of true Systematic Kinesiology.”  Brian Butler

Marek has taught post graduate courses for KinesiologyZone since 2019, and some courses online during the pandemic.  He taught for 7 years at TASK (UK), is a member of ICAK, did a thesis on the diaphragm and voice as part of his MA at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and has been in full-time practice since 1979.

This workshop is open to KinesiologyZone Diploma Graduates

DATES:  5-6 November 2022 – CityNorth Hotel, M1, Co Meath

Full price: €300 for the two-day workshop

LAST CALL €240 – (save €60)

Book by 31 October ’22

Open for Registration

Graduates: Earn 14 hours towards your ASK membership CPD requirement.

Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellation will attract a €25 admin fee.  Otherwise, 50% of the full course fee charged on cancellations received between 30 and 21 calendar days of the start date.  Regrettably, no refunds can be made 20 days before the start date of course.