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Time for Goals, Targets, and your To Do List

It’s March and the season of spring, lighter days, and energy has arrived to do more – how long is your To Do List? And it’s also gosh, where has the year gone already, 9 weeks ago it was planning, and ideas for making the most of 2024! As we come to the end of […]

Zinc: A Quick Guide to Its Benefits and Types

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays a crucial role in various aspects of our health. Here I’ll outline the importance of zinc in the body, particularly focusing on its involvement in digestion, skin health, and the immune system. There are also different types of zinc supplements, foods rich in zinc, and also foods […]

Cerebro-Spinal Fluid it’s amazing role and MCPE

Systematic Kinesiology – MCPE & the amazing role of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid by Brian H Butler, Founder of Systematic Kinesiology. What makes Systematic Kinesiology© Unique?   Systematic Kinesiology uniquely addresses all aspects of a person simultaneously. The Mental Chemical Physical Energy (M.C.P.E). The ‘Yin-Yang’ symbol represents the God-given Life Force that enlivens the mind, and triggers […]

Obesity – too much salt not enough water?

Two surprising reasons behind the obesity epidemic: Too much salt, not enough water Salty french fries may taste good, but they just contribute to dehydration and obesity. William Voon/EyeEm via Getty Images Richard Johnson, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Scientific studies and media coverage are rife with warnings on how sugar, carbohydrates, saturated fat and […]