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Cerebro-Spinal Fluid it’s amazing role and MCPE

Systematic Kinesiology – MCPE & the amazing role of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid by Brian H Butler, Founder of Systematic Kinesiology. What makes Systematic Kinesiology© Unique?   Systematic Kinesiology uniquely addresses all aspects of a person simultaneously. The Mental Chemical Physical Energy (M.C.P.E). The ‘Yin-Yang’ symbol represents the God-given Life Force that enlivens the mind, and triggers […]

Obesity – too much salt not enough water?

Two surprising reasons behind the obesity epidemic: Too much salt, not enough water Salty french fries may taste good, but they just contribute to dehydration and obesity. William Voon/EyeEm via Getty Images Richard Johnson, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Scientific studies and media coverage are rife with warnings on how sugar, carbohydrates, saturated fat and […]