What Topics Will Be Covered?

  • Journey of Fat, carbohydrate and Protein from food to the cell
  • Importance of Essential Fats
  • Understanding ketosis and ketoacidosis
  • Importance of understanding and supporting thyroid and adrenal dysfunction
  • Hormones and fat loss
  • Prostaglandins
  • Nutrients that support fat loss
  • Understanding Uric acid and its relationship to pre-diabetes and fat loss
  • Understanding and reversing type 2 diabetes
  • Reducing insulin sensitivity

The Details

Join us for this two-day workshop with Alison Astill-Smith, Director and Founder of Metabolics Ltd. Following on from her successful workshop in 2016 for TASK,  Alison will be returning to cover the topic of fat loss. With Obesity and fat related illnesses rising year on year worldwide, Alison will delve into this significant subject looking the biology of body fat and fat loss during this seminar.

By taking part in this two-day workshop you will also earn CPD hours towards your ASK postgraduate requirement. Water and break refreshments are included during the day.

SAVE THE DATE: 4-5 November 2017