Top 10 Lifestyle Mistakes Sabotaging Your Health

and the 5 really simple ways to take back control

    Peter Costelloe

    I was looking for a new career when I came across Systematic Kinesiology. I had already trained in massage, and I was looking for something more holistic to help my clients more. I read an article about Kinesiology that talked about the holistic approach, and decided to do the KinesiologyZone™ course in Balanced Health.

    I really enjoyed the course, as right from the start I could see its potential for healing. At the training workshops there was a wow factor each time in class. The range was huge of what it could help with and as I was doing the course, I knew deep down it was going to make a real difference.

    Right from the start I had a few people to work with.

    I wanted to get their feedback which really helped me to feel more confident. People felt great, so whatever this Kinesiology was, it was working! I knew that even though I might not 100% understand it the feedback I was getting from clients was amazing.

    I loved the training, seeing other students regularly, getting regular balances myself I could really feel the difference for myself. Since graduation, I’m currently working part time, and the rest of my time I co-run a family business in catering specialising in vegetarian and healthy options. I see about 4-5 clients one day a week, either at home or a clinic in Kilkenny. I also promote the clinic by doing local health shows, which are an enjoyable way to meet people and share the options available. 

    One client was a lady with digestive problems.  She had two sessions, where we looked at her foods and tested for possible sensitivities, did some balancing and she was like a new woman! That was 18 months ago and she’s still doing great.

    A lot of my work is around food.  Client can’t believe how quickly their health can change around when they implement the advice they receive through Systematic Kinesiology.

    One lady with hip pain was a little more complicated.  Over the time of about 6 months we were able to reduce the pain.  She was really happy with the sessions, feeling the benefits and the pain was changing.  Her first breakthrough was when she went 11 days pain free, and now it has reduced to little or no pain most of the time.

    And because of the huge range of Systematic Kinesiology, it’s great to help people with emotional struggles too.  I worked with a client who suffered with anxiety after a suicide in the family.   You get a great sense of satisfaction, being able to help clients. 

    I feel there is more awareness now, many come who have tried everything else, got all the tests done medically and got the all clear yet are still in pain.  I find more people are using both paths,, and more comfortable trying out new things, and wanting to take more control over their health.  Some of my clients have even gone on to do the KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course as a result of the effectiveness of the approach. 

    I continue to be amazed at the range Systematic Kinesiology can cover. When I’m working with something there’s always a wide range of techniques, a different angle to try out.



    Clinic: Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary and Insight Clinic, Patrick Street, Kilkenny