Finola Foley Systematic Kinesiology

Finola Foley

I had been looking for solutions to a long term illness when I came across Systematic Kinesiology.

I was working as an architect but had to stop as my health was so bad.  I had extremely low energy. I was very sensitive to grains and gluten made me incredibly sick and I had picked up a virus a few years before that.

I visited a Systematic Kinesiology practitioner. I even travelled to Canada where more alternative health options can be found. Overall my health was about 60% better. That’s when I decided to join up for the KinesiologyZone™ Course “Balanced Health” in Systematic Kinesiology to learn ways to help myself further.

I found I “got it”, immediately. It made such logical practical sense.  I initially planned to just do Balanced Health and the content stimulated my brain that enjoyed learning. I think it’s perhaps my architect’s mind – seeing the structure – everything made sense.  I knew I just had to keep going and while I was unemployed at the time. I wanted to open my own business. I was able to get unemployment support. You find a way when you know this is your path.

During the course, I transitioned from working on family and friends, making it more professional. 

It’s amazing what you can do.  The case studies I was to do during the course, seeing clients 3 times, helped me to put a value on my treatments.

The type of clients I see now in my thriving practice are low energy, back pain and digestive problems.  I’m happy to see about 15-18 clients a week and I teach Yoga at a local community centre 2-3 times a week.  I also work at my parents’ guest house and have found a way to lead a balanced life.

When a client comes in and by the 2nd visit they have usually seen a big difference, and if it’s a client who may have been sick for 20 years, it’s so rewarding.

One of my clients is a 92 year old man who is in relatively good health. He is active and loves being able to get out and about to see people daily. During the depths of winter he developed a sharp pain down his left leg. After seeking medical treatment he still couldn’t get relief from the pain and his sleep had been greatly interrupted.

On the first treatment I was able to work with the lower back area and reduce his sciatic nerve pain. He got great relief from the treatment and found he was once again able to sleep pain free. Initially the pain went all the way down his leg. By the second treatment he felt a less intense pain around his knee. By the third treatment it had localised to the lower back area.

With the help of balancing, herbs and minerals he has become totally pain free and is planning a trip to the Canary Islands with his family.

A lady in her 40’s had come to visit me after a friend had referred her as she has had failing health for almost 20 years.

She never remembered having great energy however this was close to rock bottom for her. Family life was a struggle, she couldn’t work and didn’t have the energy to do anything outside of her daily routine with her children. When they went to school she would sleep through the afternoon.

Using Kinesiology techniques I could help support her immune system and her digestive system had slowed down. There was toxins in her body interrupting her own natural healing mechanisms. Using herbs and minerals to detoxify and rebuild healing pathways turned everything around for her. As did nutritional advice to complement her current digestion.

Improvement happened quite quickly. Within weeks she had more energy, a brighter outlook and a happier family life. Now this lady feels stronger than ever before and is enthusiastic about her future. She has a joined fitness class, has begun socialising with her husband and feels as though she has been given a new lease of life. I find that the nice thing is the more I work, the more complicated clients I see.

People are more open to the many options available and more willing to take their health into their own hands.

I feel a great sense of achievement for doing what I do, I love working for myself.  I can choose flexible working hours when I need to as well as doing course that keep me learning new things.  One year I went on a 3 week trip to Peru for a spiritual journey and sacred plant healing. 

If you’re considering Systematic Kinesiology my advice is rather than waiting till something becomes bad.  Learn to look after yourself NOW and you’ll have health forever!

Finola Foley Kinesiology Clinic Location: Grangeville House, Fethard on Sea, New Ross, Co. Wexford