Top 10 Lifestyle Mistakes Sabotaging Your Health

    and the 5 really simple ways to take back control

      We believe everyone should have access to an integrated natural healthcare solution, that‘s easy to use, tailored to each individual’s needs and empowers them to significantly enhance the quality of their lives.

      KinesiologyZone was delighted to offer for the very first time, an opportunity to discover Systematic Kinesiology in Perth, Australia in February 2017.

      Our Perth Course Leader is Bettina Steed.  Currently on maternity leave we hope to have courses running again in the future.


      In 2016 KinesologyZone worked with BeFit in Istanbul – an organisation that empowers women by helping them set up their own fitness business especially for women.  By incorporating Systematic Kinesiology as part of their service, they’ll be able help their customers achieve better health as well as fitness.


      KinesiologyZone had the wonderful oppportunity to work with Leaders Quest and their India PowWow of Quest leaders from around the world that took place in November 2015.  Their partners, the Coro organisation, who support and encourage grassroots leaders, we keen to learn more about Systematic Kinesiology and the power of a whole person approach to health.

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