What YOU can do after one weekend of Balanced Health

Ever wondered what you can actually do after just one weekend?
What about what can happen in class on the first day?

Here’s what one student on the Kilkenny class rushed to email me:

I arrived at day one of our foundation course on Saturday in Kilkenny feeling excited
and anxious at the same time. After being diagnosed with Vertigo just a few days
before my head was still feeling quite clouded, heavy and somewhat dizzy. My husband
brought me to the course so I wouldn’t have to drive as I did not want to miss out
on the course after looking forward to it for so long. When Elma asked for someone
to come forward for the first muscle test (Supraspinatus), I put myself forward.
Once Elma had finished holding the neuro-vascular points I was amazed to realise
that my head was clear and felt so much better than it had been for the last week.
It is just amazing how quickly I got relief, I can’t get over it! I am so grateful for
what I have learned and the advice I got from Elma. A great start to a great weekend!”

And another student who just completed her Level I weekend in Dublin last week, went home and used what she’d learned on her mum and husband.  I love when students do this.  Some will wait and wait till they “know more”, but Joanne understood that when your intention is to help, when your focus is on the person you’re treating rather that what you don’t know, miracles can and do happen.

Just read what Joanne shared in our Facebook Group for students.

Joanne Case Study

And remember that’s after ONE weekend of training. I’m so proud of Joanne for taking what she learned and going for it! If you’ve ever thought about doing one of our courses, have a dream to start a new career, love learning about how the body has an incredible power to heal itself – then you’re in luck.  We have three more courses starting extremely soon – in Athlone, Kanturk (Co Cork) and Bray (Co Wicklow).

If you’re interested in becoming a Holistic Practitioner in Systematic Kinesiology
you’re in the right place! 

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