You are invited to two exciting “Online” seminars

I love to hear of the results that students and graduates of TASK are achieving with their clients. Every day I’m inspired by what is possible, and reminded how simple steps to better health is what is so powerful about the work we do.

Yet, it seems that not enough people know about Kinesiology, and in particular, the unique approach of Systematic Kinesiology, despite it being 50 years of AK.  It is surprising really that we’re like we’re the best kept secret! Especially when you know that miracles can and do happen on a regular basis, and the lives of your clients transformed.

Ever since I got started, it’s my goal to bring Systematic Kinesiology to a broader audience. And sometimes it’s good to start small, and build a strong foundation. But there comes a time when actually it’s better to dream BIG!

And that’s what I want to share with you because the work I’m doing impacts on you too. So I am inviting you to attend two training online seminars of HUGE value to your practice whether you’re full time, part time or just starting out with holistic training. These webinars will to help you dream bigger, find out what’s possible and share how I’ve started this process.

Oh, and it’s free to attend – you just have to register. Now, you also know that TASK Conference is coming up. However, the information I want to share with you is too important to wait.

So register today for the two part webinar series. Every TASK graduate, past and current student is invited training. Free to attend – that’s right – completely free, no strings attached, of huge value regardless of what stage you’re at, and you’ll learn how you can get more from your business, your life and yourself!

Simply register below for both webinars – they will be recorded and available for a few days after.

These events are virtual so you can “attend” from the comfort of your own home 🙂

Webinar #1 – Expanding the vision for your practice

Thursday 19th February at 8pm

Webinar #2 – How to get more clients

Tuesday 24th February at 8pm

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