Your body holds the key to its own health, to optimal health.  It’s looking after us all the time.  But what happens when you’re feeling under the weather, or perhaps you have experienced a long period of stress.  The body gets stuck, we stop eating well (leading to malnutrition) and it’s hard to make good choices when you feel that way.  It becomes a viscious cycle.  Systematic Kinesiology is a powerful tool to help unlock what it needs to create the right environment to be able to heal itself.  That doesn’t mean going it alone.  Systematic Kinesiology offers an approach to health that is very holistic, by which that means we look to address the imbalances and offer ways to support the body to better health.

The Balanced Health Course is a a 3 month part time course, with a mix of online training and two live weekends.

If you want to make a difference then keep reading.  Our courses are ideal for you if you are

– already a practitioner but want to add new skills to your practice

– currently considering a career as you feel drawn to help others

– or are a mum or dad who just wants to learn ways to keep your family healthy.

There are many people out there that need YOU to be doing this.

That’s right. You! There is much confusion around health today. Too much information but how do you know what is relevant to your health. Much money is spent on what is perceived as healthy food, exercise, vitamins and supplements.  But how do you really trust what’s truly good for you?

Well when you use Systematic Kinesiology and become skilled in muscle testing, it helps to remove the mystery and clear the confusion.  Your body has an innate and instinctive ability to heal itself.  The wealth of information accumulated through Kinesiology about how the body works is phenonimal.  Your body knows what is a better choice, whether that is food, supplements, decisions, beliefs and ideas.

What Systematic Kinesiology can do is make such a difference to your life. There is a real need for well trained, professional practitioners as the demand for holistic health increases every year.  If you are ready to make a difference in your community, respected by others for the healing work you do, then this is the course for you.

We have a course coming to Tralee in March 2015, so if you’d like to get more details and for us to keep in touch specificially about this course in Tralee then pop your details in the form below.

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