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Valerie McVeigh

About Valerie McVeigh

No matter your starting point, whether it is a being a complete beginner or a seasoned therapist interested in introducing new skills into your practice, Systematic Kinesiology is an asset that will change how you think about your health and that of your family and friends.

For over 30 years, I worked as a fundraiser for some of the top charities in Northern Ireland. I always felt that by raising money for great causes I was doing my small part to help people in need. Fundraising was a stressful full-on career and I knew as I headed towards retirement that I wanted to develop some skills that would allow me to work flexibly in later life.

Initially I trained in reflexology and in 2019 successfully opened my practice in Comber, County Down, but that was only the beginning of this incredible holistic journey. I was keen to add to my skill set and having had kinesiology sessions over the years to support sciatica, I was always fascinated as to how it worked. I loved the fact that kinesiology uses the MCPE whole person approach - mental, chemical, physical and electrical.

My Kinesiology search began where I came across TASK Ireland based in Westport where they offered ‘The Balanced Health Course’ in Derry / Londonderry, not too far to travel, which appealed to me.

The course blew me away; I learned great ways to manage stress, muscle testing, how to combat fears and phobias, the techniques were simple but so effective.

On my way home from the second training weekend I popped in to see my sister, she had a sore shoulder and I asked her to let me try out some of my new skills to see if I could help her. I remember her saying as she lay face down on the plinth ‘where did you get the heat lamp? ‘ I said, ‘I don’t have a heat lamp’. I realised the heat was coming from my hand as I focused the energy on her shoulder.’ I drove home that day constantly looking at my hand and thinking, ‘wow that was incredible’. What was even more incredible was that my sister’s shoulder pain reduced dramatically.

After completing the TASK Balanced Health Course, I was hooked and haven’t stopped learning kinesiology since! I went on to complete the Diploma in Advanced Kinesiology in 2021 and have successfully integrated Kinesiology into my holistic practice, helping to support clients with digestive issues, low back pain, migraines, tiredness, fears and phobias, and so much more.

In 2022 I completed the Course Leaders Development Programme.  Kinesiology has taken me on a journey I never expected but one that has been both challenging and rewarding.

Valerie McVeigh Systematic Kinesiologist

Favourite Quote:

Just be a good person. Love who you can. Help when you can. Give what you can.  Anon  

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Learn Systematic Kinesiology starting with the Balanced Health Course.

This three month part-time course is available in Belfast.  Completed over 3 months, it consists of two in-person training weekends, and 8 weekly modules delivered online (which can be done in your own time).  Courses start twice a year: in the Spring (usually starting February/March) and the Autumn (usually starting September/October). We have different venues around Ireland where you can find a

Valerie McVeigh is our Course Leader in Belfast.

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Val was an excellent tutor. Very supportive, knowledgeable and student focused.

Classes were great fun, with great energy and enthusiasm.

Val provided the best course training in a beautiful location.