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About Siobhan Guthrie

Hello, my name is Siobhan Guthrie and I am the Principal of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) in Ireland.  The Academy was established in October 2000, and the administration office is in Westport, Co Mayo.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people who seek a better life for themselves, first by improving their health and then being inspired to help others, such as family, friends and their community.

Our mission is to provide excellent training to our students to help and encourage them in their professional practice so that Kinesiology can be experienced by many more.

What I have always loved about Systematic Kinesiology is that it doesn’t just focus on one area, and it doesn’t try to diagnose a problem from only one point of view.

Today more than ever we need a whole system approach to health. If you work physically with the body, you can't ignore mental stress, or digestion. If you work with nutrition, you can't ignore the physical body and our beliefs and values.

I’ve now been using and teaching this technique myself for over 25 years - it never fails to amaze.





Favourite Quote:

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”   

~ Jane Goodall

Clinic in Westport


Tel:        087 271 9863


Learn Systematic Kinesiology starting with the Balanced Health Course.

This three month part-time course is available in 8 locations around the country.  Completed over 3 months, it consists of two in-person training weekends, and 8 weekly modules delivered online (which can be done in your own time).  Courses start twice a year: in the Spring (usually starting February/March) and the Autumn (usually starting September/October).

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Siobhan is passionate about Systematic Kinesiology, generous about sharing information, a superb teacher and inspires others to learn more. She makes learning fun and extremely interesting.

Siobhan is very encouraging and supportive and always there to help no matter the situation. Always willing to share her knowledge and experience.

I'm so grateful to Siobhan for how dedicated, professional and supportive she was during all of my learning on the Balanced Health course.