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    Mella Britton

    Mella Britton

    I found my way to Kinesiology by accident – through a massage course I was attending in the UK. My teacher suggested I have a Kinesiology balance and following my first my session – I couldn’t believe the change in my well-being, energy, and vitality!! Kinesiology has since changed my life.

    Already working as a Beauty Therapist, I had been offering Food testing in my practice using a Vega Testing machine. In 2004 the machine died on me and it was then I sought out other therapy approaches that would include food testing. I found Systematic Kinesiology and in 2005 I began my training on the KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course and subsequently the professional training, and have never looked back.

    Kinesiology has given me the tools to expand and grow my Beauty Therapy business of over 30 years, and I give my clients an experience that has a profound effect on their skin and other health issues.

    Since 2016 having completed further training, I’m now delighted to be leading KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Courses in Donegal town. My passion for health helps me to encourage others to improve their understanding and take control of their own health.

    Mella’s favourite quote:

    Good health is worth its weight in gold and does not have to cost a fortune! There is a very simple way of finding out ‘why you feel the way you do and that you don’t have to put up with it’. The answer is in Systematic Kinesiology — KinesiologyZone™.

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    Learn Systematic Kinesiology with our blended learning format.

    The whole course is completed over a period of 3 months and courses start twice a year.  In the Spring (usually starting February and March) and the Autumn (usually starting September and October). We have different venues around Ireland where you can find a KinesiologyZone training course.  The course is a blend of two live training weekends, online video training, and live virtual Q&A meetups.

    Mella Britton is our Course Leader in Donegal Town.

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    What others say about:

    ”Mella is such a magnetic people person whose passion for kinesiology teaching is evident in her every word and action. Her students love her.”

    “Mella was fantastic, learned so much. She is a great leader, very constructive, informative and covered all on the course”

    ‘A great leader, Mella is inspiring, so knowledgeable. She involved everyone and is so motivating and accommodating. Very easy to understand and full of positive energy.”