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    Lorraine Elliott

    When asked how I came to be a Systematic Kinesiologist …..I smile and know that this path was part of my life plan (I just didn’t know it at the time!!!). During my twenties I was travelling for nearly ten years working my way around the globe. During this time I begun to have a keen interest in holistic Healthcare. I trained as a Reiki practitioner and eventually on my return I completed a Social Care Degree and became a Yoga Teacher. Working with Adults with Intellectual disabilities I witnessed how the healthcare system consisted of treating almost every ailment with pharmaceutical drugs. Then came my turn to need medical help!! I had begun to suffer with a shortness of breath on and off, constant fatigue, eventually my chest muscles would feel like they were so tight I was going to cease breathing. Frightening to say the least!! I spent a fortune going to all sorts of specialists, only to be told that in their professional opinion I was suffering with anxiety or it was all in my head! I knew this was not true for me!

    Thankfully I found Systematic Kinesiology!! In reality I was suffering from Adrenal fatigue, allergies, gut problems and a magnesium deficiency. I feel that Systematic Kinesiology saved my life! The first time I went to a KinesiologyZone™ Taster Event I knew immediately that I was destined to learn kinesiology. I stated to my partner that “My whole life was going to change from that moment on!” That has turned out to be true!! I have never looked back. I’m healthier, happier and have an amazing career! I am now honoured to be a KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course Leader as well as a successful practitioner. I have seen the most unbelievable changes in clients health, and feel very blessed to support people to become healthy and well again!

    I have recently opened my own healing studio where I have a full clinic every week and teach Yoga classes and workshops. This sacred space proved amazing for teaching the “Balanced Health” course (astonishing views of the mountains) and I am looking forward to leading many more. I am ever grateful for the gift of Systematic Kinesiology and look forward to supporting many more on their quest for optimal health 🙂

    Favourite quote:

    Follow your dreams and make a difference in the world!

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    ”Lorraine is a wonderful enthusiastic Course Leader and made the training easy to get through”

    ”Lorraine was an excellent Course leader, very supportive and informative with an excellent personality.”

    ”Friendly and approachable Lorraine conveyed a huge passion for the subject.”