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Lara van Bergen

About Lara van Bergen

I am a Systematic Kinesiologist and have been running my practice since 2017.

I feel incredibly privileged to help people on their journey to better health. Many of the people I work with have tried a lot of different approaches before I see them but were not able to find the root cause of their issues yet. Our approach works with the whole person (mental, chemical, physical and energy (MCPE)), seeking to identify and balance the root cause rather than focusing on the alleviation of symptoms (though that happens too).

I came across kinesiology quite a few years ago. I had been struggling with lower back problems since my teenage years, I lived with back pain most of the time, until a friend of a friend had a good experience with a Systematic Kinesiologist and suggested to try it out. I have never looked back. What he did I did not understand at the time but it improved my back pain almost instantly.

This is what I wanted to learn, those techniques to help people with whatever they struggle with in life!

I started with the Balanced Health course, which opened my eyes and made me determined to do the Diploma course.

My career path changed immediately, from teaching people with learning difficulties all about gardening, to a full time Systematic Kinesiology practitioner. Continuous development is very important to me and so I enjoy doing courses and learning more. I trained in Neuro Linguistic programming, in Italy! And followed a lot of short courses including leaky gut, pain course, meridians, posture alignment….

Last year I decided to train as a Course Leader for the Balanced Health course and become part of an amazing team. It’s an absolute pleasure to share the knowledge and techniques with a variety of people.

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Favourite Quote:

I want to leave this world in a better and healthier place than I found it! I want to help my clients have better health, their families have better health and want to help people feel impassioned about life. I see the potential that we all have inside of us to really live and enjoy and laugh.

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Systematic Kinesiology Course Leader KinesiologyZone™, Kilkenny

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Learn Systematic Kinesiology starting with the Balanced Health Course.

This three month part-time course is available in Kilkenny.  Completed over 3 months, it consists of two in-person training weekends, and 8 weekly modules delivered online (which can be done in your own time).  Courses start twice a year: in the Spring (usually starting February/March) and the Autumn (usually starting September/October). We have different venues around Ireland where you can find a KinesiologyZone training course.

Lara van Bergen is our Course Leader in Kilkenny.

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Lara is an amazing teacher, so full of enthusiasm, passion and knowledge.

Lara made all the techniques and material very accessible and easy to understand. Her pacing of sessions was really tailored to the needs of the group. She was extremely generous with her knowledge, time, space and materials.

Lara's love of, conviction about, and enthusiasm for kinesiology is infectious. Learning with her was a really enjoyable experience.