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Helena Enright

About Helena Enright

Kinesiology changed not only my understanding of my health but also my career and life. In 2016, following a series of changes in my personal life, combined with a few busy years career wise, I suddenly found myself in my early forties with very little energy or motivation. I had freelanced in the arts for years and created a number of plays using people’s stories while simultaneously completing an MA and a PhD in Drama; looking back I was burnt out.

However, at that time I just felt stuck and wasn’t quite sure what was wrong or where to turn. I had dabbled in alternative therapy over the years and through my work in drama and education, I had a developing interest in the mind/body connection. I decided therefore to have a look at what therapies were available near me in Bristol at the time and I came across a kinesiologist. I had heard about Kinesiology about twenty years previously but I had not really looked into it much. Curiosity this time got the better of me and I decided to book in for a session.

By the end of the session, I could literally feel my energy returning and my mood lifting. I hadn't considered training but by the time I had returned for my next session a month later, I had already booked onto a taster session. And that was it, I was hooked.  Over the next two years, I completed my training and qualified as a kinesiologist.

I practiced for a short while in Bristol before handing in my notice at the university in September 2021 and returned to Ireland to set up Infinite Wellbeing.

I now run a successful practice and love the gift of balance and awareness that kinesiology brings. I love that each session is unique to the individual as every person presents with different life experiences.

In my practice, I now work with people of all ages and can help people with anxiety, digestive discomfort, sleep issues, hormonal problems, grief and any other problems that are preventing them from living a full life with ease and flexibility.

In 2022, I became a KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health course leader and now run the Balanced Health Course twice yearly in Co. Clare. I love introducing people to a whole range of natural and holistic techniques and tools that can help them to improve their health and overall sense of well-being. Each session is unique as every person presents with different life experiences.

Drawing on over twenty years in performance, education and the applied arts I offer a safe, compassionate and fun learning environment that is attuned to each particular group’s needs.

Helena Enright Systematic Kinesiologist

Favourite Quote:

I want to leave this world in a better and healthier place than I found it! I want to help my clients have better health, their families have better health and want to help people feel impassioned about life. I see the potential that we all have inside of us to really live and enjoy and laugh.

Kinesiology Clinic

Email:      infinitewellbeing1@gmail.com

Tel:           086 616 9243

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/kinesiologywithhelena/

Systematic Kinesiology Course Leader KinesiologyZone™, Co Clare.

Meet Helena

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Learn Systematic Kinesiology starting with the Balanced Health Course.

This three month part-time course is available in Co Clare.  Completed over 3 months, it consists of two in-person training weekends, and 8 weekly modules delivered online (which can be done in your own time).  Courses start twice a year: in the Spring (usually starting February/March) and the Autumn (usually starting September/October). We have different venues around Ireland where you can find a KinesiologyZone training course.

Helena Enright is our Course Leader in Co Clare.

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Helena was fabulous, infectious energy, and also very compassionate when needed.

A truly transformative course. Well worth the money, time and effort. Met some amazing people especially our tutor Helena. 

Helena is brilliant, generous with her knowledge and exudes enthusiasm and energy.