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    Angela Corley

    Angela Corley

    The majority of my life I have been learning and growing in an attempt to understand the human body in all its elements- physically, mentally and emotionally. After over 10 years working in retail and an educational background in social care and energy healing I found myself stuck in a situation of everyday thinking, Is this it? I was tired all the time and suffering back pain that seemed to be impossible to resolve. No amount of consultations or money spent answered my questions or solved my problems.

    Upon discovering Systematic Kinesiology my life changed for the better. I not only achieved better health and wellbeing but also an improved quality of life. In 2014 I established an Integrated Healthcare Practice in Claremorris and now also run weekly clinics in Castlebar.

    My mission is to empower people with the information they need to make positive health choices. I strongly believe in the possibility of natural regeneration of our bodies. Instead of merely treating symptoms my approach through Systematic Kinesiology helps me find the root cause of health problems and restore the natural balance of the body. This approach is an effective, non-invasive experience suitable for people of all ages.

    As a KinesiologyZone™ Balanced Health Course Leader I want to start a revolution of wellness. If you are as passionate as I am about helping others and being the best you can become, join me.

    Favourite quote:

    Today is your day – Get out of your own way

    This is the motto I try to live by and inspire my clients and students, from all walks of life, to do the same.

    Meet Angela Corley

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    The whole course is completed over a period of 3 months and courses start twice a year.  In the Spring (usually starting February and March) and the Autumn (usually starting September and October). We have different venues around Ireland where you can find a KinesiologyZone training course.

    Angela Corley is our Course Leader in Claremorris, Co Mayo.

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    What others say:

    ”Angela is so passionate about teaching kinesiology and she ignites that same passion in her students by helping them to understand everything fully with her patient and caring nature.

    ”Knowledgeable, encouraging and helpful.”

    ”Angela is very knowledgeable Course Leader and shares her skills in a very professional way with a great sense of humour ”