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Mark your calendars.

April 2024

Three days amongst fellow Systematic Kinesiologists - old friends, new friends, learning, being inspired, and filling up your faith, confidence and belief.

Think about it. You're among the first to arrive on a spring Friday evening. The excitement in the room is infectious.  Systematic Kinesiology is our bread and butter. Our vision is to make it a household name, and we have more ground to cover.

Imagine the room alive with energy, like a hive brimming with industrious bees. Conversations float in the air, each word buzzing with potential. You're not just a face in the crowd. You're an integral cog in the machine. A part of a movement. A part of something bigger.

Ever thought about that term Systematic Kinesiology?

It's not just a couple of words.

It’s a shared dream.

It's our mission.

TACT Certs
Class of 2017 graduation

Over Saturday and Sunday there's learning to be done, insights to be shared. You're soaking up the wealth of knowledge only available to those right here, right in the thick of it.  It's not about me inviting you to a conference, but about us shaping the future of our discipline together.

Join the ensemble.

Three days full of Kinesiology updates, varied speakers, techniques, the Systematic Kinesiology message, and with more than enough wisdom waiting to be shared to help us get better results with clients.

It's also about the next 5, next 10 years ....

The community here in Ireland is growing. But what will take us from strength to strength will be vision, motivation, proof that what we do works and action.  It is an important role that Systematic Kinesiology can play and you are already a part of that.

Together we're stronger

Conference isn't just an event in your calendar. We're not just gathering for the sake of old times.  It's a gateway. A stepping stone. The starting line of an epic marathon. And your shoes are laced up.

This event is a beacon for our shared future - a future of Systematic Kinesiology making its mark in every household.

Who is this for?

Everyone who’s been impacted by learning Systematic Kinesiology.  All our graduates of the Diploma and Balanced Health courses, our current Balanced health students, diploma students, and the KinesiologyZone leadership team. And if it’s been a while, we’d love to see you.  Feeling rusty? There'll be break out rooms to workshop for ALL levels!

Secure your place.

This isn’t just a ticket purchase. It’s a pledge. A nod to your crucial role in the journey. This is you saying 'yes' to being a pivotal part of this voyage.

Think about what you need to help shape the next decade. What tools, resources, and knowledge would help propel Systematic Kinesiology into the limelight it deserves? What can you bring to the table to make this vision a reality?

We can't yet share all that Conference will deliver), the vision is about

  • being together
  • professionalism
  • learning and growing
  • raising awareness of Systematic Kinesiology together.

Say Yes to make this Happen

 Speakers: Ralph McCutcheon, Marek Urbanowicz, Dearbhla Reynolds, Stephanie Mills, Siobhan Guthrie, Sheila O'Hanlon, Helena Enright, and more still to be confirmed ....

Friday 12th April; 6-9pm;
Saturday 13th 9-5pm (lunch included);

Sunday 14th April: 9-12.30pm.

Siobhan Guthrie KinesiologyZone

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It’s all happening
12-14 April 2024.

Can't wait to see you there!