Taking Control of your Health

An introduction to Systematic Kinesiology and our whole person approach.

On Tuesday 4th February I ran “how to take control of your health”, and 18 different factors that influence our health on a daily basis.  Later on in the webinar I shared my 10 simple ways to improve your health.  I showed a couple of techniques we use as practitioners.  I hope you enjoy the replay.

Being able to help others is incredibly rewarding.  So if you’re interested in doing more of that, then do check out our course – “Balanced Health” which is starting in six locations during February and March around Ireland.

Because you registered for this webinar, we’ve reopened our Early Bird rate.  Remember to use the coupon discount code: AVOCADO to get the early bird price, as well as for an extra €47 off for the first 5 places sold (down to 2 places left).

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