“Educational Kinesiology” – Switch the brain back on

“Educational Kinesiology” –
Switch the brain back on with lazy eights


Everyone can do with a little help to make the brain work better. Regardless of age, job or position in the world everyone wants to use their brain as efficiently as they can. If they two sides of the brain are not communicating as well as they might, this can adversely affect everything we do. But have you tried ‘lazy eights’ technique?

We are inviting you to try a simple exercise to switch the brain back on and get it working in an integrated way again. Drawing ‘lazy eights’ will help integrate the two sides of the brain. head-1230669_1280

This activity is especially useful and beneficial for children with Dyslexia, ADD, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay or a Sensory Processing disorders. The “Lazy Eight” are designed to relax the eyes and develop coordination between the left and right sides of the brain and body while preparing to write.

You are basically writing the number 8 on it’s side. That’s why it’s lazy.


Start with a large sheet of white paper (A3 would be best) or a white board in a landscape position.

Place it in front of you so that the middle of your page is parallel to the middle of your body, your belly button.(You want to be crossing over your belly button to get to to the left and right of your page as you draw). Then ask them to write something like:

” This paper is white and the writing is black” (Believe what you are writing have a black pen!) For better results use a neutral statement that is true for anyone.

14724379_10154024087979786_1860937327418164518_nThe aim is to keep your hand steady and let your eyes follow what you are doing. Start with your pen in the middle of your page.

14666074_10154024087939786_6330315870659900321_n Move your marker  down, up and around to make a “c” like shape.Now keep tracing around your shape, without taking your marker from the page.

14695319_10154024087964786_2583158166360819530_nContinue until there is a dozen swirls (20 secs) of the ”lazy eight” exercise.

Have them write the same statement  again. There is almost always a change for the better in writing.

If you are doing it with your child you can always draw a Lazy 8 for your child to trace over if they find it difficult. Just make sure that they start at your start point and continue in the correct direction.

You will see Lazy 8’s have lots of benefits for your child. It is a very useful to do this activity before starting homework. It calms, and focuses the mind. how to perform written tasks by training their bodies and eyes using large movements so that they will eventually be able to do the same using smaller movements on paper.

This exercise can help children, adults and seniors to improve:

  • Concentration and Focus
  • Memory
  • Academics: reading, writing, math, test taking



  • Physical coordination
  •  Relationships
  •  Self-responsibility
  • Organization skills
  • Attitude

This simple exercise, can and will help all who do it regularly to write and think better.

Check out our video demonstration and if you try this we would love to hear about it in the comments below.