Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bars

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bars

by Elaine King

Just 5 simple ingredients with no baking required. These are wheat free, dairy-free and sugar-free, a perfect alternative to those with diet restrictions and looking for a healthier option. Who said chocolate bars cant be delicious yet healthy!

Coconut cashew bar - KinesiologyZone recipe

The base is a blended concoction of raw cashews, oats and coconut oil that seriously resembles cookie dough, both in taste and texture.

The divine chocolate topping is simply a mix of cacao powder, honey and a few pinches of sea salt. Coconut flakes are optional but can add an extra layer of decadence.

This recipe was shared from by Elaine King our Diploma 2017 student based in Donegal to see more from Elaine join her facebook page –

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