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Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Almost everyone you know suffers from one or more of the following conditions.

  • Aches and pains, allergies, backache, colds, low energy, fears, indigestion, joint pain, migraines.

Many people are struggling and while none of these in themselves is necessarily life threatening, they are life depleting.  I’m in Istanbul, Turkey this week, and it’s the same here too.  Yesterday I demonstrated a muscle test or two on the b-fit staff who I’m visiting with. They suffer stress as part of their lifestyle, busy city, traffic can be a nightmare, and of course there’s a lot of worry too from the recent attacks. B-fit is also wants to help their customer improve the quality of their lives.

improve the quality

The more I travel and share our health approach with other cultures, it confirms my belief that everyone has the same needs when it comes to health.

So while there may indeed be cultural differences in terms of lifestyle, our bodies work all the same way.  There’s a science to health and energy that is the same the world over.  There are habits we must follow if we want to have high energy and live at our best.

Systematic Kinesiology offers a way to uncover what is blocking access to that high energy.

It is like when you come to another country we don’t understand the language.  If you don’t know how the body works, you won’t understand its language.  It is all learnable though.  You see muscle testing is a type of language that enables the practitioner to interpret what it needs, as well as what it doesn’t, and even the cause of some of the symptoms you might be having.

So why am I in Istanbul?

View from the office today

View from the office today

Well apart from enjoying this beautiful city and meeting lots of wonderful people, I’m here because KinesiologyZone has at its core higher purpose now, a drive and a commitment.  Our mission is to share Systematic Kinesiology as a powerful healthcare solution around the world.  Last year I was in India to share Systematic Kinesiology and I met Bedriye there when she attended one of my presentations – she’s the owner of b-fit.  Most of us will do more for others than we’ll do for ourselves.  And she’s on a mission to help empower women in Turkey through fitness, creating centres where support and social go hand in hand, as well as empowerment though fitness. It’s a big mission and for the past 10 years her office has now 20 staff members supporting over 200 fitness centres, and 50,000 customers around Turkey.  She’s making a real difference to woman’s culture here.

I’m here because I too want to help women and families feel empowered when it comes to health and wellness.  Of course we work with men too, and in reality, the majority of our students are women.  Those who are drawn to help themselves and others have such an influence on family and the health of the wider community.  Not everyone gets fit with health in mind. And those who work out regularly can often have low energy, aches and pains, be prone to injuries etc.  And since we live in a time when if we don’t look after our health today, it’ll be more expensive than ever to fix in the future.  So the need is even greater now than ever before.

I’m here to do an overview of the training that we offer, and while holistic therapies are not very common here in Turkey, my hope is that they’ll see how alternative health can be a valid and safe approach to improving their quality of life in a significant and meaningful way.

Everyone benefits and will be happier and more fulfilled.

And if you’re in Ireland, and want to learn Systematic Kinesiology, then check out our last chance training.

If you know that this is what you want to do, get in touch with an email saying “I’m in – send me details about the Westport course”! (or words to that effect).  The course content details are on the website, but if you want to know about Westport, email me by return.

Only 4 places available.

This is ideal for those seeking a new career in holistic health but also want to join with like-minded caring practitioners wanting to make a difference.

Planning for Success

Planning For Success

I think trying to change things outside is why we end up beating ourselves up, because it’s not the outcomes we have to change – it’s the inside stuff. Beliefs, values, raising standards, and creating a vision for your life.  When it comes to planning for success we put things in our way that we really need to let go of.  Sometimes it’s just thinking, sure I’ll wait until I’ve more time, or when I feel “ready”.  Truth is, those are just fears, that are really illusions or distractions.  I’ve got so much more done this year, simply by recognising what is a distraction in my life.  I know I’m a recovering procrastinator, and by no means perfect! Perfection is a low standard to aspire too anyway, since there is always something more!

We’ve just a few days left of this year and while the temptation is let them slide …. it is also a great time of year to reflect on the year gone by and decide what’s going to be different next year. Our happiness is determined by the emotions we are feeling moment by moment.  So how was 2015 for you?

We asked that on our Facebook page to describe your year in one word – here’s some of the answers:

  • enlightening,
  • life-changing,
  • educational,
  • fantastic, and even
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidoxious!

Of course for many others it was far from all those, and I know there have been years like that for me too.

For us, 2015 has been a huge year of change for TASK Ireland and KinesiologyZone.

On the surface it may not be visible – though we moved the office into a a “proper” several room office, out of my home and hired a new full time member of staff.  Also invited 8 new trainees to learn how to teach our Balanced Health Course in many more venues around the country. So yes quite a few changes that are visible.  Those changes though have been badly needed for many years, but it was the internal changes that had to happen first.

planning for success

I’ve found over the years, that making decisions about daily habits and rituals is more important than the outcome we desire – the outcome is “lose 25lbs”, “get fit”, “change jobs” will take care of themselves.  Our lives are determined by the moment by moment decisions we make.

So if you’ve been thinking about a change of career, have a love of people and helping them, and know deep down you’ve wanted to contribute in a bigger way, then the Balanced Health Course is a great place to start.  If you want this time next year to be different, then today is the day to start planning for success.  Turn your “I can’ts” into small steps, not massive goals.  I’ve learned to let go of doubt, worries and comparisons because those things just get in the way!  They are distractions.

Here’s what previous students who have taken the plunge say:

The course has been life changing for me. Seeing the progress physically, mentally and emotionally in those I’ve worked with and myself included“.

This course fits in well with anyone’s busy lifestyle. It’s extremely well laid out and easy to follow.”

It’s the best decision I have made and it’s a career for the rest of my life, you meet some great people
and make great friends too”.

“Before learning SK my health and life were average. Back pain and digestive problems for several years. Since the course I have lost weight, have better skin and definitely have more energy and clarity.

I would recommend this training to anyone whether they want to take more control of their own health and that of their family or they wish to become a practitioner. Of all the training I have undertaken Sk has been the best and the only course I can say that has been life changing.”

So if 2016 is your year to do something different, to contribute in a bigger way, then you will be delighted to hear that our early bird rates are available right now.

Save €100 off all of our locations (book before 3 weeks of course start date).

  • Dublin – 6-7 February
  • Galway – 13-14 February
  • Kilkenny – 20-21 February
  • Donegal – 5-6 March
  • Mallow – 12-13 March
  • Waterford – 12-13 March

Pop over here to read all the course details

It will be my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Systematic Kinesiology community.  Like many before you who have started on this path to better health and vitality, I am very excited for you as you embark on this path to help not only yourself but have a greater impact on the world around you.


10 Days to Thrive … Detox Day Eight



                                 Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and get them out of there

A common association with the word “detox” is the gut wrenching combination of some hot water and lemon. But this is not the detox we are talking about it’s the everyday things in your life. It may be gadgets, negative people or the news.

Surviving the ups, downs, of other people’s moodiness can be quite a challenge.  It’s important, though, to remember that some moody, negative people may be going through a difficult stage in their lives.  They may be ill, chronically worried, or lacking what they need in terms of love and emotional support.  Although whatever the cause of their moodiness and negativity, you may still need to protect yourself from their behaviour at times.


When was the last time you switched off for 24 hours? If the answer is “I can’t remember” a digital detox could be what you need. A digital detox is a great way to stay productive and balanced in a wired world. Day to day in the digital world, we face near constant demands for our attention. And if we don’t let ourselves recharge and reboot, this can mean we quickly burn out or become inefficient. Day to day in the digital world, we face near constant demands for our attention. And if we don’t let ourselves recharge and reboot, this can mean we quickly burn out or become inefficient.

Are you a news junky ?  Sometimes when watching or reading the news do you feel yourself  anticipating a big event in the world, something to shake the very core of your being. Or do you find yourself checking your smart-phone every hour to get a news-fix. Do you truly need to know all the news filtering through.

Today’s challenge is to focus on the positive in your life , maybe see whether or not a particular story is worth reading is to ask yourself the following question; “what relevance does this information bear to my day-to-day functioning?” You’d be amazed by how often you need to answer “absolutely none”. And if it doesn’t help, it hinders. Most of the time it is nothing but a distraction under the guise of usefulness.

Positive emotions are more likely to encourage you to plan ahead and think of actions you would like to take or activities you’d like to participate in the future. Changing your thoughts is like changing any habit in your life. It’s not going to be easy, but then again, feeling bad all the time isn’t exactly a walk in the park!

We are challenging you to detox from the everyday things in your life. It may be gadgets, negative people or the news. You choose what is negatively impacting you on a daily basis and cut back on it today.

Share with us what you are going to detox on and then let us know how you are coping without it and how you felt at the end of the day?