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10 Days to Thrive … Detox Day Eight



                                 Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and get them out of there

A common association with the word “detox” is the gut wrenching combination of some hot water and lemon. But this is not the detox we are talking about it’s the everyday things in your life. It may be gadgets, negative people or the news.

Surviving the ups, downs, of other people’s moodiness can be quite a challenge.  It’s important, though, to remember that some moody, negative people may be going through a difficult stage in their lives.  They may be ill, chronically worried, or lacking what they need in terms of love and emotional support.  Although whatever the cause of their moodiness and negativity, you may still need to protect yourself from their behaviour at times.


When was the last time you switched off for 24 hours? If the answer is “I can’t remember” a digital detox could be what you need. A digital detox is a great way to stay productive and balanced in a wired world. Day to day in the digital world, we face near constant demands for our attention. And if we don’t let ourselves recharge and reboot, this can mean we quickly burn out or become inefficient. Day to day in the digital world, we face near constant demands for our attention. And if we don’t let ourselves recharge and reboot, this can mean we quickly burn out or become inefficient.

Are you a news junky ?  Sometimes when watching or reading the news do you feel yourself  anticipating a big event in the world, something to shake the very core of your being. Or do you find yourself checking your smart-phone every hour to get a news-fix. Do you truly need to know all the news filtering through.

Today’s challenge is to focus on the positive in your life , maybe see whether or not a particular story is worth reading is to ask yourself the following question; “what relevance does this information bear to my day-to-day functioning?” You’d be amazed by how often you need to answer “absolutely none”. And if it doesn’t help, it hinders. Most of the time it is nothing but a distraction under the guise of usefulness.

Positive emotions are more likely to encourage you to plan ahead and think of actions you would like to take or activities you’d like to participate in the future. Changing your thoughts is like changing any habit in your life. It’s not going to be easy, but then again, feeling bad all the time isn’t exactly a walk in the park!

We are challenging you to detox from the everyday things in your life. It may be gadgets, negative people or the news. You choose what is negatively impacting you on a daily basis and cut back on it today.

Share with us what you are going to detox on and then let us know how you are coping without it and how you felt at the end of the day?


10 Days to Thrive – Gratitude – Day Six

Systematic Kinesiology 10 day challenge to thrive

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for example, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants.


Yes, “thank you” is an essential, everyday part of family dinners, trips to the shops, and even business deals. That might be why so many people have dismissed gratitude as simple, obvious, and unworthy of serious attention.
But that’s starting to change. Recently scientists have begun to chart a course of research aimed at understanding gratitude and the circumstances in which it flourishes or diminishes. They’re finding that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:
• Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure;
• Higher levels of positive emotions;
• More joy, optimism, and happiness;
• Acting with more generosity and compassion;
• Feeling less lonely and isolated.


Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. Gratitude improves physical health. Not surprisingly, grateful people are also more likely to take care of their health. They exercise more often and are more likely to attend regular check-ups with their doctors, which is likely to contribute to further longevity.Gratitude improves psychological health. Gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, ranging from envy and resentment to frustration and regret. Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., a leading gratitude researcher, has conducted multiple studies on the link between gratitude and well-being. His research confirms that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.


Happy woman jumping on long straight road, way towards sunset sun. Travel, happiness, win, healthy lifestyle concepts.

Our challenge is acknowledge the good things going on in your life right now, it might now be perfect and its probably tough a lot of the time. But there’s someone out there who would love to have your problems

Things to try today:
Spend just 15 minutes jotting down a few grateful sentiments before bed, and you may sleep better and longer.
Simply take a few moments to focus on all that you have – rather than complain about all the things you think you deserve.

Developing an attitude of gratitude Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life – Amy Morin



Watch this video from www.Oprah.com and try Tony Robbins flood exercise

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