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The Health Show Episode #7 – Improve Learning

Improve Learning – helping anxious, stressed kids with exams coming up, to have better coordination and brain power.

In this episode, we discuss how simple ways to improve learning that can make a big difference when it comes to preparing for exams.  Find out about how to improve our learning ability, memory, mind power and coordination.  Especially for kids who have exams coming up, and for anyone wishing to feel better too.

We share Maria’s story, one of our diploma students who started training with us last year.  We share her experience of how she has been able to help her daughter.  Watch the video below for this and more.

We share 5 ways to improve your brain function, coordination, memory and stress levels – without the muscle testing we’d do in clinic, but just as effective when you do them regularly.

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If you want to improve memory and concentration then grab a glass of water and watch Episode #7.

Here’s an abstract of Maria’s story about her daughter.

”Farrah is 7 years old, diagnosed with dyspraxia when she was 4, she is awaiting an assessment for dyslexia. Attended physiotherapy from 2 and speech & language therapy from 2 1/2 years old.

As with most families who get a diagnosis, we went down the traditional therapy route, which most certainly has its place for children with any sort of diagnosis but it wasn’t until I started using the whole person approach of Systematic Kinesiology with Farrah that I have seen huge changes in her levels of ability in all areas of her life.”

Maria tested her for food sensitivities and found she was intolerant to wheat and lactose and she tested as needing a probiotic. She tested her for Bach remedies and introduced “Cross Crawl” to Farrah’s daily routine.

After 2 weeks we saw an improvement in her concentration levels. The cross crawl was proving difficult for Farrah at first, but she kept doing it. She also started to work with her gait, unfurl her ears (in the video), and rub reflexes associated with the brain. They saw definite improvements in Farrah in every way. Her memory and attention span are improving, her literacy skills are steadily getting better, her self-care skills are also showing remarkable improvements.

I started this Systematic Kinesiology journey with Farrah in late September 2016, now at the end of April 2017 we are seeing remarkable differences in her levels of ability in every area of her life:

  • Her memory has improved 100%.
  • Her attention span has improved 80%.
  • She can dress herself properly and put her shoes on the right feet.
  • She can wash and brush her teeth without supervision or prompting. Her coordination has come on in leaps and bounds, she can now swim properly using her arms and legs together
  • Her anxiety levels have dramatically decreased and she even knows now when she needs to take Bach remedies as she sees the difference they make to her emotionally.
  • Her literacy skills have significantly improved, when Farrah started 1st class last September she couldn’t write her own name or even trace over dotted words to form letters properly.
  • Her father’s birthday was on 12th April 2017, she could write “to daddy, love Farrah” on his card independently and spell it!!

Maria says, “she knows there no quick fixes for children with special needs and you have to work at their pace but Systematic Kinesiology definitely provided the tools we needed to boost her learning ability both inside and outside the classroom.


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