We were honoured to have Brian Butler join the TACT Workshop in 2015 to give a presentation.

With the power of Zoom, we were able to record the 45 minute presentation.

It was such a priviledge to have Brian join a TACT Workshop, since it had been too long – he last taught in ireland in 2001 just before his retirement to Australia.

Brian gave a wonderful presentation about the meaning of TACT, origin of words, and helping clients who have a fear of making changes.

Brian also spent some time answering questions.  He shares the story of how he first got involved in Kinesiology, gives a
wonderful explanation of MCPE in relation to a question about Mental Health issues, and shared a story about the
most dramatic experience he’d had that demonstrated the power of ESR.

And if you haven’t heard the warm stone story – you’re in for a treat.  I love this story!