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Vision is not about goals.
Vision is what stirs your heart around
why YOU are in the world.

At the heart of his mission, Gene Early wants to create change at all levels of society. He has incredible insight and when you work with him he not only draws out who you are, but what you are meant to be doing.

WEBINAR 1: Releasing Your Vision with Gene Early
We all have had experiences that have marked our lives and shaped how we think, how we understand who we are and what our path in life might be, and what we then do. VisionMissionImpact is a webinar introducing the experiential learning opportunity that our larger programme will provide. It is designed to recognise and release that heartfelt vision that you carry within yourself, whether you know the vision consciously or not.



WEBINAR 2: The power of your personal story

Sheila Carroll is a 30-year veteran of storytelling in education, business, and health. She speaks, writes, and travels offering her innovative ideas on story and storytelling for everyday life and health, work and learning.

What you'll learn is why knowing and telling your personal story from deep down inside can make all the difference for your life and work. Most of us tell the "outside" story...details of where we live and work, relationships etc.

The real story lies within you and expresses your deepest values and desires. This story touches on the lasting, visionary quality of greatness we all carry within. It is this story that will motivate and inspire you and the people whose lives you touch.

During the webinar Sheila shared the three kinds of memories that reveal your vision, mission, and passion. With these three keys you will begin to unwrap the destiny and purpose that makes you unique and unrepeatable in the world.

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Gene is the best person I know at getting to the heart of what really matters. ~ Lindsay Levin, Founder and Managing Partner, Leaders’ Quest

Gene has provided me with some of the most insightful, specific feedback I have received in my professional career. It is nice to
have a safe place to run ideas by. After every meeting, I feel like I have grown. ~ Marti Haskins, Director—Genomic Health