We have some HUGE news we want to share with you.

Read on!

At the heart of what we do here at KinesiologyZone is our willingness to serve others.  So we are taking health care on the road!

Our very first #HealthRoadShow will be starting off in Westport on Sunday 23rd July, before we head off for Ballybofey, Co Donegal, and back down the Wild Atlantic Way.  We’ll be visiting Sligo and Tuam, through to Fermoy, New Ross in Wexford and ending up in Navan, Co Meath on the Friday 28th July evening.  We will be sharing the benefits of the whole person approach at a series of free talks and giving out free treatments.  AND since we’re coming to at least 7 locations around Ireland there’s bound to be an event near you!

We hope you’ll join us in the rewarding journey of learning about health and ultimately to help others who urgently need a healthier future.

If you’re exhausted from trying to find a solution to your health problems, or you feel no one is listening to you, then come along. KinesiologyZone is a fully integrated approach to understanding health and how your body works.  It’s empowering when you feel in control of how you feel.

#HealthRoadShow #KinesiologyZone

All our evening talks are FREE OF CHARGE – simply register below to secure one of the limited places.

There will be three presentations each evening, opportunities to experience a treatment, talk to local Course Leaders who will be running workshops and “Balanced Health” Courses this Autumn.  This is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of what’s possible.

KinesiologyZone is a fully integrated natural healthcare system that offers clients a tailor made solution specific to the client’s needs.

We’re really looking forward to this. We’ll cover:

  • Muscle Testing Analysis
  • Our Client Centred Approach
  • Biochemic Individuality
  • How to Restore Harmony & Energise the body
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Reduce Emotional Stress
  • Migraines and Chronic Pain
  • Gain Vital Skills
  • Learn about what you can do to protect your health and not become a statistic.

JOIN US BY FILLING IN THE FORM HERE.  Also, remember to arrive EARLY – a free gift bag for the first 20 attendees worth €€€ – as well as grand prizes of hotel nights, hampers, discounts, free books from our sponsors.

Life doesn’t have to be done the hard way!

Systematic Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies due not only to its holistic approach but its ability to tailor treatment plans to each individual client.  It’s what more and more people are looking for – personalised healthcare.

Making yourself and your health a priority is key! 

When we respect our body’s own ability to heal itself, giving it the time to do so, and the right environment, we can be truly healthy.

When we learn how the body works, and understand the signs our body gives us, what it needs for nourishment (nutritionally as well as emotionally), you too can find a better way to take back control of your own health.