How to Reduce Emotional Stress with Kinesiology

 How to Reduce Emotional Stress with Kinesiology



Stress makes everything worse.  Long term stress does damage long term.  When we feel stressed and are constantly confronted with unpleasant, worrying, difficult situations, our body energies can respond by moving in the body – ever felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach, your shoulders tense up, going weak at the knees? That’s the energy moving, getting blocked.

Depending on the severity of the problem, the body adapts its system to deal with a crisis.

Firstly, it shuts down digestion so that blood goes to the main muscles to prepare for action – like the fight/flight syndrome.  The frontal lobes of the brain shut down more than that back.  The fore brain is involved with forward thinking and new ideas.  When we are upset or frightened, we reply on our back brain’s old records of how we previously reacted to a crisis.

There are various physiological and psychological effects of chronic stress on the body, including effects on the immune system, hormone levels, and cardiovascular health.

So How Can Kinesiology Help Stress?

In Emotional Stress Release (ESR) the vascular points for the stomach and the brain are held, to help draw the blood back into the frontal lobes, while the clients thinks about the stress.

Stress and Emotional Stress Release

ESR, a simple, yet very powerful technique will help anyone face a problem no matter how serious. Most people gain immediate relief from the anguish they may be suffering. Nothing could be simpler to do, for it is merely the extensive of a natural gesture. 

Video demonstration on ESR

Watch the video above to see how easy it is to do, and how testing before and after, shows that the effect on the body has changed.

Give it a go yourself. And if you’d like to experience the technique visit one of our practitioners – a listing is here




The Role of Chronic Stress in Anxious Depression: