Your special invitation to our Online Kinesiology Presentation – a “health and wellness solution for today”.

You’ll walk away with a full understanding of the Balanced Health Course, our Taster Event options and what Systematic Kinesiology can do for you.

Stress, overwhelm and ill-health are far too common, with many of the causes to be found in our everyday lifestyle.  There are many therapies and interventions to choose from, but how do you know which will work for YOU, for your body, and resolve your symptoms?

To join us simply register in the form that pops up and I look forward to connecting with you on Wednesday 7th February.  If you can’t join us live (online), register anyway to get the replay.


What students say about KinesiologyZone and Balanced Health

My life is vastly different to how it was when I finished my Balanced Health Course in 2016.  My health is so much better and that of my family. I am living far more in the present than I used to do and therefore I have more energy. When I get stressed now I am able to recognize why I get stressed and most of the time recognize when to take breaks and build time into my life for me. I had struggled with anxiety for a few years due to one of my children having ill health and it took its toll on every level but my life for the most part now is great and anxiety only plays a minor part time role now and again. I have been able to help people of all walks of life, from the very small to the elderly. One of the greatest impacts I have had is helping people move forward from very traumatic events in their lives both in the past and present. Its wonderful to have the skills to help people take back control over their own lives.” Melissa Costelloe

What I Love about Systematic Kinesiology. I love how Tuned it is to be able to listen to any individual body, through muscle testing, telling me it’s specific needs (Emotional, Structural, Nutritional and Electrical) for now/today and for that body through muscle testing, to be able to keep me up to date with its progress on as regular a basis as it is allowed, dependent on the person responsible for that body letting it be heard, allowing me as a Systematic Kinesiologist to restore perfect Mental/Emotional, Physical, Chemical/Nutritional and Electrical/Energetical balance”. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a health solution system which is so tuned in? I DO!” ~ Sadie, 1st year student

What I love about Systematic Kinesiology is that I can make a difference to each and every person I treat! More and more each day people ask me can I help with their aches and pains, their stresses and strains and more and more I find myself saying “I can help you with that!” Feeling a bit yuck or have a goal which you can’t quite achieve “I can help you with that!”. I love helping my clients to see through simple muscle testing, that it can be their emotions, their diet, their exercise (or lack of), their water intake or any combination of these that is affecting their health and then helping them to make positive choices to restore their sense of well-being! Such an amazing therapy and I am proud to say I am a Systematic Kinesiologist!” ~ Sharon, 1st year student

“Every Complementary Therapy talks about the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, to create Homeostasis. With most other therapies we are dependent upon the therapist to accurately interpret where the imbalance is and work with that. The therapist is then a bit like “the middle man” . However, what happens when the therapist’s interpretation is not accurate? Kinesiology is completely different, as we rely totally upon the body to directly let us know exactly where the imbalance is, indeed the body may have several imbalances, but, even then through muscle testing the body rises again to the challenge to let us know where the priority is & what needs to be fixed first & then, what we discover is all the other imbalances are corrected also. Kinesiology is in all respects a truly Holistic Complementary Therapy that addresses all aspects of the individual on the Mental/Emotional, physical chemical and Energetic levels.” – Maria, 1st year student