Valerie [brooks-healy]

Company name:              The Wholeness of You
Clinic:                                Gorey, Wexford
Contact number:             0877811069
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Facebook                          valerie brooks-healy

Instagram:                        the_wholeness_of_you

Qualified in:

Advanced Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology;  Diploma in Reflexology, Baby Reflexology, Aroma Reflexology for teens, men and women’s hormonal imbalances plus Acucpressure Auricular Reflexology;  Baby Massage from August 2024;  Registered Nurse;  Specialist in Palliative Care.

My goal for you is to help you return your body and mind to a state of inner peace and balance where you feel more like yourself again.

To do this, I look at the root cause of your tiredness/fatigue/burnout/exhaustion. I look at all areas of pain (acute/chronic), physical injuries, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, skin problems and nutritional deficiencies to include food sensitivity testing.

A passion of mine is helping with past emotional traumas and how they become stuck within your body and I also prepare you for future worries that exist but “hold you back” from being the best version of yourself.

Another passion is helping those with learning difficulties, like dyslexia. My studies of this group of teens has shown Systematic Kinesiology to help with many areas of their lives as they now have gained more insight into promoting their own health and well-being and practical tools they can implement to make this a reality.

I look forward to hearing from you.