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A Whole Person Approach

Search for a Systematic Kinesiologist by selecting a County above.  Whether in the Republic or North of Ireland, our practitioners are graduates of the professional training, the Diploma in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology.

Mary Collins

Clinic:  Tipperary
Tel: 087 290 6316

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

I specialise in helping clients with digestive problems and constipation, for the simple reason so many of my clients present with ileo-cecal valve problems.  I also work with back, neck, shoulder, leg, and hip pain.

Tracy Gallagher

Clinic:  Letterkenny
Tel: 089 261 8850

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, Beauty Therapist ITEC, Beauty Lecturer ITEC, Hopi Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Kids Mindfulness Practitioner

I specialize in working with children on the autism spectrum and have had life changing results for the families involved. I have a clinic in Letterkenny and see clients from babies to adults. I love the holistic approach in working with kids and have devised a kids programme using Systematic Kinesiology techniques which can help with food sensitivities, sleep, digestive issues and emotional upsets.

Stephanie Mills

Clinic: Surbiton, Greater London KT6 7RN
Tel: +44 7789 437194
Systematic Kinesiology, Acupuncture
Senior Course leader for KinesiologyZone™

Clare Flack

Clinic: Still Waters Health, Dromore
Tel: 07712721857
Systematic Kinesiology DipSK

I practice as a fully qualified Systematic Kinesiologist and also have qualifications in teaching children with learning difficulties through the University of New York after living in Canada for 15 years.
I see people of all ages in clinic from babies to those in their 90s! With a diverse range of health complaints coming to me, I love the variety in helping those with digestive issues, chronic pain, women’s health and issues such as anxiety and mood disorders. Especially love helping children in learning and with my own personal experience with Lyme disease helping those regain a quality of life. My main aim is to give everyone “Hope” within their health.

Valerie McVeigh

Clinic: Sole Sanctuary Holistic Health, Comber
Tel: 07456 384006
Systematic Kinesiology DipSK

Pam McMinn

Clinic: Co Down
Tel: 07966 056817
Systematic Kinesiology DipSK
Nutrition and Eating Physiology Coach.

I am a Systematic Kinesiologist and Health Coach. I help people with all kinds of illnesses and conditions such as fibromyalgia, headaches, skin conditions, weight loss, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, gut health and healing. My aim is to empower my clients to transform their health, weight, energy, mood and sleep. Do not wait for an illness to occur to make you want to improve your health, get in touch.

Maria Mooney

Clinic: Portstewart, Co. Derry
Tel: 07311 287161

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK

I work with clients who want to be free from digestive, energy, skin, pain, and sleep issues through healing hormonal and gut imbalances. Sessions together aim to address emotional, nutritional, structural, and energetic imbalances in the body, while a focus is put on food and lifestyle adjustments as home-care to support progress.

Amy Lavery

Clinic: Eglinton Wellness Centre, Eglinton, BT47 3DW
Tel: 0872226970

Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK
APPI Certified Matwork and Reformer Pilates Instructor

For me, it is a privilege to help people feel and move better.

A particular interest of mine is women’s health from early womanhood right through to the post menopausal years. I like to treat anything from chronic pain, digestive issues, constipation, painful periods, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, PMS and hot flushes.

If you would like to know how I can help you please get in touch, I will be happy to assist you on your journey to wellness.

Victoria Sharpe

Clinic: Armagh
Tel: 07748731557
Qualifications: Systematic Kinesiology, DipTASK

I have been practicing Systematic Kinesiology since 2009 and continue to see a variety of people of all ages for all sorts of problems – mostly when no help can be found elsewhere!