Siobhan Guthrie

Clinic: Westport, Co Mayo
Tel: 087 2719863
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK, coaching.
KinesiologyZone Principal

I work with clients who want to be free of digestive issues & fatigue and regain their health for long term enjoyment. Explore and release stress, feel more balanced, and get a better understanding of what suits you. Food testing, energy work, supplements and Bach Flowers.

Ann Leonard

Clinic: Crossmolina
Tel: 087 054 6251
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK,Holistic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

My passion is to help people heal from everyday stresses and to manage their pain in a holistic manner. Many of the people who come to me for help, live in a constant flight or fight state & suffer from adrenal exhaustion. I work with each person to help bring their life into balance by listening to them & what their body tells me about the mental, chemical, physical, electrical & emotional aspects of their life & help them heal themselves.

Angela Corley

Clinic: Claremorris, Co Mayo
Tel: 087 925 5372
Systematic Kinesiology DipTASK,