Creating a Vision for your Health with Siobhan Guthrie

Everyone should have access to an integrated, natural healthcare solution that’s easy to use, tailored to individual needs, and enhancing the quality of life. Systematic Kinesiology (SK) is one such methodology that provides a totally non-invasive, nurturing, and personally empowering system to improve people’s daily lives. In this workshop, we will…

  • Explore your vision for health
  • Uncover blind spots preventing optimum health
  • Discover alternative, natural health care options giving greater control over your health

Participants will learn to use simple muscle testing procedures to illustrate SK’s approach to mental, chemical, physical, and energetic influences on their health in areas such as dehydration (very common), sugar, food sensitivities, emotional stress, and fears associated with past traumas. Siobhan will share her 20+ years teaching SK to give each person new awareness and options for holistically sustaining their health.