Kinesiology Chronicles with special guest Dearbhla Reynolds #7

In this episode (7) I speak with Dearbhla Reynolds. Dearbhla is Founder of The Cultured Club, a community passionate and committed to health and well-being through good gut health. She has educated and inspired the fermentation community with her book of the same name published in 2017. People, community and accessing good health are at the core of what she does. After a decade of fermentation, foraging and personal development, Dearbhla has expanded her knowledge and skills to Systematic Kinesiology. Where gut health relates to many areas of health, Systematic Kinesiology offers a more extensive understanding of how everything relates to everything.

It is with this passion and commitment that she wishes to offer a clinic for a deeper understanding of holistic well-being.

We hope you enjoy this latest podcast with Siobhan Guthrie and Dearbhla Reynolds.