Join Margaret Fitzgibbon, Chartered Physiotherapist and Course Leader at KinesiologyZone, on our special Free, Live and Online Presentation especially for Physiotherapists

Your special invitation to our Online Kinesiology Presentation – especially for Physiotherapists.

KinesiologyZone is a fully integrated healthcare solution for today. Stress, overwhelm and ill-health are far too common, with many of the causes to be found in our everyday lifestyle.  There are many therapies and interventions to choose from, but how do you know which will work for YOU, for your body, and resolve your symptoms?

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Margaret Fitzgibbon, Chartered Physiotherpaist in Westport says, “Since finding Systematic kinesiology, it’s has changed the way I look at my own health and well-being and that of my clients. The ability to ascertain what is affecting my health most at any given time, be its emotional stress, my diet or lack of energy, through muscle testing, allows me to simply find out what I would be best focusing to create change quickly. It has also helped me find long lasting ways to balance my lifestyle for promote my own physical & emotional health.

With regard to the clients I see in the clinic, the main response I hear post muscle testing and explaining the root cause of their personal issue is “that makes sense”. It allows clients to feel the effects that specific thoughts, emotions or stressors have on the strength of their physical body & teaches them ways to reduce the effect. I love that it allows me to work holistically with the entire person and find the root cause or causes of their issue, be it digestion, diet, emotion or energy.  It makes me feel fulfilled as a practitioner and makes lots of sense to me.

Since Systematic Kinesiology has made such an impact on my clients I hope to inspire other physios to learn this integrated healthcare solution and am delighted to be offering KinesiologyZone courses to physiotherapists around Ireland, as CPD courses”.

What current students are saying about KinesiologyZone

What I love about Systematic Kinesiology is how tuned it is to be able to listen to any individual body, through muscle testing, telling me it’s specific needs (Emotional, Structural, Nutritional and Electrical) for now/today and for that body through muscle testing, to be able to keep me up to date with its progress on as regular a basis as it is allowed, dependent on the person responsible for that body letting it be heard, allowing me as a Systematic Kinesiologist to restore perfect Mental/Emotional, Physical, Chemical/Nutritional and Electrical/Energetical balance”. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a health solution system which is so tuned in? I DO!” ~ Sadie, Class of 2017.

What I love about Systematic Kinesiology is that I can make a difference to each and every person I treat! More and more each day people ask me can I help with their aches and pains, their stresses and strains and more and more I find myself saying “I can help you with that!” Feeling a bit yuck or have a goal which you can’t quite achieve “I can help you with that!”. I love helping my clients to see through simple muscle testing, that it can be their emotions, their diet, their exercise (or lack of), their water intake or any combination of these that is affecting their health and then helping them to make positive choices to restore their sense of well-being! Such an amazing therapy and I am proud to say I am a Systematic Kinesiologist!” ~ Sharon, 1st year student

“Every Complementary Therapy talks about the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, to create Homeostasis. With most other therapies we are dependent upon the therapist to accurately interpret where the imbalance is and work with that. The therapist is then a bit like “the middle man” . However, what happens when the therapist’s interpretation is not accurate? Kinesiology is completely different, as we rely totally upon the body to directly let us know exactly where the imbalance is, indeed the body may have several imbalances, but, even then through muscle testing the body rises again to the challenge to let us know where the priority is & what needs to be fixed first & then, what we discover is all the other imbalances are corrected also. Kinesiology is in all respects a truly Holistic Complementary Therapy that addresses all aspects of the individual on the Mental/Emotional, physical chemical and Energetic levels.” – Maria, 1st year student