Balanced Health Course in Systematic Kinesiology

Our three-month part-time course in nine locations this Autumn 2024

North Dublin, Donegal, Co Antrim, Co Down, Monaghan, Co Kilkenny, Waterford, North Cork and Co Clare.

"This has been the best decision I have ever made.  Kinesiology has brought my life such energy.  This energy has rippled out and effected everyone around me." Joanna

What is Systematic Kinesiology

As a whole person approach to health, it brings together all the modalities, and offers practitioners and clients a unique way to help resolve health issues.

Mental health, physical, digestive, and energy is all taken into consideration giving insights to how we live and how our lifestyle affects us.

Unlock your health potential and reduce the stress that blocks the body’s ability to heal itself.

Our goal is to help you to pursue a career in healthcare, using a natural approach. Our approach works with the whole person (mental, chemical, physical and energy (MCPE)), seeking to identify and balance the root cause rather than focussing on the alleviation of symptoms (though that happens too).



  • Whole person approach
  • Works with the body
  • Uses reflexes to work with the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Reduces stress with light touch
  • Identify the foods that benefit you, and which don’t
  • Balance muscles for improved posture and pain reduction
  • Improved sleep and more energy

Our Training

  • The Balanced Health Course is a 3 month part time training
  • Learn to muscle test and balance the whole body
  • Understanding how the body works and simply resolve imbalances
  • Two live training weekends and 8 weekly modules delivered online, so you can fit in the training around your busy life
  • Make a difference to your health and for others.
  • Join one of our Kinesiology Courses near you

Students practising, feeling the benefits
and improving their skills.

Group Hands Beach fin

What you give yourself when you join the Balanced Health Course

        • Techniques that reduce stress that are easy to learn and do
        • A better understanding of the how the body works from a whole person approach
        • Unlock your health potential and tap into the body's ability to heal itself
        • Join a growing community of passionate health care professionals willing and able to help others

“After learning food sensitivity testing, I tested a friend’s husband who has suffered from very bad depression for a long time and was a big wheat eater (5 slices of toast for breakfast). He gave up the wheat and within a few weeks was a “new man”. Said it was like a miracle.” Dympna, Dublin Course


I’m so delighted I took the course. I’ve had some Kinesiology sessions before and went to a taster event.  I knew it was something I wanted to do.  I use the techniques to help with exam stress, as well as so many other techniques for my own well-being and those of others.  I would 100% recommend the course.    Eithne, Balanced Health Spring 2019

Another brilliant weekend, it made everything come together for me. It is one of the best courses I have ever done and feel privileged to have learned so much.” Anne

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