One Day Introductory Workshop to Systematic Kinesiology


Brand New “Introductory One Day” Workshops


The KinesiologyZone system of holistic health,

ensures we work in a fully integrated,

WHOLE person approach.


Come along and discover Systematic Kinesiology for yourself,

What can Systematic Kinesiology Do?

It can help with more than 80% of all the health problems that most people put up with either because it isn’t bad enough to go to the doctor, or they have sought help but received no relief.

Poor health is pandemic

Almost everyone you know suffers from one other of this extensive list of conditions.  None of them in themselves necessarily life threatening.  They just make life a misery.  Figures suggest that 50% of all the people in this country suffer from back ache at one time or another.  Almost everyone gets colds or the flu too often for comfort.

Just feeling “unwell”, “below par” or “a bit rough” seems to be the norm.  It is accepted as a fact of life.  It need not be.  KinesiologyZone can help you balance your body’s systems, and enjoy a level of health and well-being you may not have experienced since you were a child.  Many of our modern day problems can find their causes from our deteriorating environment, our hectic lifestyle, our eating habits, and exercise patterns.

Kinesiology really does address and rebalance the whole person

Kinesiology, properly used, is capable of being the most wholistic approach to natural health care.  Practitioners from all branches of both orthodox and complementary medicine are finding this approach an indispensable tool to supplement and augment their own skills they have learned within their own discipline.

Since KinesiologyZone rebalances and revitalises the major systems of the body, it enhances internal natural healing processes.  Kinesiologists do not address disease, nor attempt cures of pathology.  Some say their job is to make the good bits work better, and in so doing the body is facilitated to return to health.

Systematic Kinesiology is a fully integrated natural healthcare solution that takes into consideration the holistic nature of our lives.  It uses a whole person approach to health and wellness.  Come along to a one day workshop to fully understand the potential for health that’s on offer.

We currently have 1 venue remaining you can select, during November.



MAYO – Introductory Workshop

Saturday 19th November 2016

Claremorris, Equilibrium Centre, from 10am to 4pm with Angela Corley



You will learn about the unique approach Systematic Kinesiology has to holistic treatments, learn how to muscle test for yourself, reduce stress and gain insights into the huge potential for your own health, and those you can help.


Attend for just €60

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Intro Workshop to Kinesiology

One Day Workshop with Angela Corley in Claremorris on Saturday 19th November 2016


















What others say about our training

I attended the course over the weekend and I am totally blown away with it all, it was totally amazing. I can’t wait to get people now willing to let me practise what I have learned over my 2 days. My Course Leader was patient and an excellent teacher – Meleesa (Autumn Course Leitrim 2016)

The course has been life changing for me.  Seeing the progress physically, mentally and emotionally in those I’ve worked with and myself included.  I now know that my goal is to complete the Diploma! – Clare Edgar (Spring Course Dublin 2016)

Wow, what an amazing weekend on the Balanced Health course, met a lovely group of people and had a fantastic instructor. We learned the first 8 muscles so we were able to go home and practice on our friends and family and do some food testing too!

I would say, try it. Go get a session on yourself from a Systematic  Kinesiologist if you are not sure.  When you feel/see the benefits for yourself you will be hooked!  Also, don’t worry about returning to study there is great support. – Carol (Autumn Course Cork 2015)


Just had a fantastic weekend on the course. This was a totally new learning experience for me and I really enjoyed it. Great group of people and so much interesting material covered in just two days and in a lovely relaxed atmosphere. –  Patricia (Spring Course Leitrim 2016)

I met up with few others from the class to practice it was great. Can’t wait to see what else we will learn. So glad I decided to do the course.” – Sarah  (Autumn Course Dublin 2016)

A Life changing week in the most subtle of ways, there will be no going back to ”normal” when I get home – Mary (Diploma Student 2016-17)

Well well well! So that’s what ye’ve all been raving about! We’ve just completed day 1 of our balanced health course. Not a trace of doubt in my mind. Headache’s gone.  Great day, great bunch of ladies in the group. Still buzzing! Really looking forward to continuing our journey together.  – Ria (Autumn Course Dublin 2016)

I started the course in Cork city. It was a very enjoyable weekend’s work with a lovely group. It has taken me two years to get it together to get started. I’ve found kinesiology to be a life saver for me and I’m hoping I can help others. I’m looking forward to trying out the techniques on all the guinea pigs who are lining up for a go! – Brid (Autumn Course Cork 2016)

A fabulous, life-changing experience that I will remember as one of the most positive events in my life. I have met people I know will be life long friends. – Shauna (Diploma Student 2016-17)

It has been an amazing time for me both personally and professionally helping me move ahead with my career in Kinesiology. Being with so many like-minded people , passionate about health and well-being and experiencing the magic of Systematic Kinesiology has been mind-blowing and humbling. – Clare (Diploma Student 2016-17)

Had a fantastic time from start to finish. I laughed until my belly was sore and cried until my heart was light. I could not thank u all enough for letting me be part of this wonderful journey. – Elaine (Diploma Student 2016-17)