You’re invited to a special Nutrition event
especially for those advising clients who want to
go Wheat Free or Dairy Free.


 Wheat and Dairy! These two common food sensitivities are tough for clients to give up. While they know their diet may be a cause of their health issues, they often don’t want to hear it’s one or both of these!

  • Do you struggle when it comes to giving practical dietary advice to clients?
  • Have you experienced the total panic from clients, who feel daunted at the prospect of avoiding their favourite (and addictive) foods often stare at your blankly when you suggest they avoid wheat and dairy for a few weeks – like you’ve “taken away” their whole diet?

If you want to empower them, and show them how good health can be simpler, then it’s easy to register and get INSTANT ACCESS to this Free Masterclass.

TASK Ireland has invited guest speaker, Edel Keaveney, Nutritionist and TASK Graduate, to share practical ways you can help your clients. This free event is highly recommended for all practitioners who are making dietary recommendations to their clients – as diet is key to their success.

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What Edel is covering:

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We know that calcium is found in many non-dairy foods, but clients often have a huge worry about avoiding milk and milk products. You will learn how to empower clients, what they should be eating every day, who’s particularly at risk of deficiency, how much food you need to eat to get the RDA, and a list of the top 20 calcium rich foods.
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Well, this seminar will take the ‘scare-factor’ out of a wheat exclusion diet. Edel will share her 5 step plan for wheat exclusion with recipes and replacement ideas checklist to make shopping effortless!

Your clients need practical solutions to help make what often seems “drastic” changes to become ‘wheat-free’! Sometimes clients feel hungry and constipated when starting a wheat-free diet. So Edel will cover information that will help you to advise your clients how to make the changes, and keep them feeling full and keeps their bowels working well! The focus will be on adding in healthy foods, rather than what they have to avoid.

You’ll get a 5 step plan for time-strapped clients going wheat-free!

AND replacement ideas for wheat-based foods at each meal-time – to bring with them on shopping trips!

Attend this event and you also will get these two free bonuses:

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BONUS 1: A list of calcium-rich replacement foods for ‘dairy avoiders’ and two ‘bone strengthening’ recipes

BONUS 2: Two easy to make, super – nutritious wheat-free bread recipes.

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