Last call for students in Systematic Kinesiology

Looking for a rewarding career? Want to get started in 2014?

In know, it’s only April, but if you are looking to join our Diploma course in 2014 then there is no time to waste!  We have two start dates to the Diploma this year – March 2014 and July 2014.  You can start the professional training when you have completed the Balanced Health  Course.  Look at what our current students are already able to do!

Another “win” from a student who’s doing the BH foundation course in Systematic Kinesiology.

It is always rewarding to see the impact they’re having.  When one student told us about a treatment I really wanted to share it with you, as you can just imagine how this little girl felt about her number one stress.  We all have a number one stress, and being able to release that stress is so simple yet so powerful with “Emotional Stress Release”.  I just had to share it with you.

Student using ESR

And the mother told me that there was no problem the next morning with her going to school!  So wonderful.  During the training, each week the students post their accountability on what they’ve done to help their family, friends and clients (if they are already trained in another therapy).  Every week we have more and more examples of how the students are really embracing Systematic Kinesiology, especially while they do the online part of the course.

Joanne Case Study

And it’s not just the people you work on who benefit.  Elaine couldn’t wait to tell us how much more energy she’s had since the first live weekend of training.Elaine

So is this FOR YOU too?

At the moment, we’re just collecting names (and locations) of those who are very keen to start their trainingthis year. This is not for you if you’re not ready to act now, not passionate about helping others, or not willing to travel.  We don’t know yet where this Last Chance Catch Up Course will take place or when, but it’ll be very soon – Late April/Early May.

Whether you already work as a complementary therapist or have a strong desire to train as one, this course is for you! 

The idea is that you will start with a live workshop (usually 2 days), but for this course it will be a 3 day training.   The Online Course usually takes place over 8 weeks, but we will cover some of that on the 3rd day of training so that you can complete the course and be ready for the 2nd live weekend.  You then will complete the course with your choice of 2nd weekend in Kilkenny, Athlone, Kanturk or Bray on 7-8 June or 14-15 June, meaning you will finish together with our other students, who you’ll meet “virtually” in our very active Facebook Group and on our monthly Q&A calls.

To register your interest

Put your name and email and town where you are situated to let us know you’re interested and then you can be advised when arrangements have been finalised.  When you register your interest you’ll also be able to download the full brochure which explains exactly what you learn on the course.  Can’t wait to see you on our Last Chance Catch Up course starting soon :-).

call the TASK office on 087 271 9863.  There’s ONE place left!