Last Chance to Learn Systematic Kinesiology – the Balanced Health Way

Every year we receive several enquiries from people wanting to get started and not wanting to wait.

Because all our courses have now started for Spring (and won’t be run again until the Autumn), we wanted to make sure that if you’ve just come across us, know it’s for you AND you’re keen to get started, we have our LAST CHANCE Intensive training option.

This LAST CHANCE opportunity is IDEAL for those who have just come across our site and don’t want to wait, or for those who really like to fast track their training, and are ready NOW to get started!!

This year’s “Last Chance” intensive weekend will take place on the June 2019 Bank Holiday weekend.

Venue: To be confirmed when we know how many students are interested.

Here’s an overview of this special training:

Join our KinesiologyZone Course Leaders as they share with you the exciting and powerful techniques of Systematic Kinesiology. We’ll spend 2 1/2 days engrossed in Systematic Kinesiology, you’ll have fun exploring muscle testing, food testing, balancing muscles, reducing stress, learning loads of new things, feeling fabulous, helping each other, creating a vision for your own health and even maybe thinking that this could be the sort of life you could lead from now on.

Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapy. Not only does it use an holistic approach, it has the ability to tailor a treatment to each individual person you are working with. While a medical approach primarily looks at the body in parts, the Systematic Kinesiology approach is seeing the body as a fully integrated whole. And we work with the body in a fully integrated way. What that means to our students and graduates is that by understanding how the body works, being able to identify the source of problems we are able to help more people get out of pain.

When I say pain, it can be emotional pain, the pain of low energy or indeed physical pain.  For example, while a person’s back problem may indeed be structural in nature, it will often have an emotional factor or cause. If that emotional factor is not resolved, no amount of physical manipulation is going to resolve it. Likewise, if a cause of your low energy is due to something you’re eating every day, not knowing it’s a factor in your low energy, then how will you know what to do.

So how can a Systematic Kinesiologist know if it’s a structural, emotional or even chemical cause to how you are feeling? A great question.  I don’t know of any other way to uncover so much information without our key tool – we test the body using muscle testing.  That means we test your body to find out what your body wants.  This is not general, standardised treatment.  Your body knows how to heal, this approach means we can interpret the answers.  The Balanced Health programme helps you to learn how to interpret the results of your muscle tests.

While health and the body are often perceived as very complex, our students marvel and the amazing results they can get with such simple tools.


For those who this Last Chance Course suits, then it is our aim to help you get the most from the course. It’s condensed in time only, not content. With that in mind, to help you get the very most from the course, we’ll start on the Saturday, and work until Monday afternoon.

It is our intention to cover MORE than you normally would in the usual “First Live Weekend”.

And of course you still get the usual benefits of the online course, monthly Q&A calls and forum support.

This is not for everyone. The course is usually run over 3 months, with two live weekends and an online course.  This opportunity is more condensed than usual (and you’ll get ALL the regular benefits) and is really an opportunity for anyone who is already considering the Diploma Course this year.  That course starts on 21-22 June and you must have completed Balanced Health to be able to join.  You can still attend the 2nd live weekend and that will be possible when Balanced Health restarts in the Autumn, so you won’t miss out.

You don’t HAVE to be going on to do the Diploma this year, and our regular programme will re-commence in the Autumn. So that option is best suited for those who prefer to wait.  Be sure to jump onto our waiting list to hear when enrolment opens

Here’s some of our past “Last Chance” groups –

Last Chance 2015 – three students went on to Diploma and graduated in 2016. Clare (in green) is now a Course Leader!

Last Chance 2016 – Paula (in pink) and graduated in 2017!

I know that some of you reading this really want to get started, and want to do the practitioner training. This Last Chance Intensive weekend is the only remaining opportunity to at least be able to consider the Diploma Course in June. It does not mean you HAVE to go on to do the Diploma, but it offers you the choice.

Be prepared to work hard, safe in the knowledge that you can review all of it again on the Online Course!

Even before you arrive, on booking your place, you will gain access to the Kinesiology Video library – which means you can get started before you actually start!


This is where you can really benefit from our innovative blended learn approach. You get access to ALL the Balanced Health Course content (over 60+ videos) which means you can learn in your own way. Want to press pause? Rewind and listen again. This is the most flexible way of learning and means you can watch over and over until you perfect a muscle test, a technique or want to listen to the deeper principles of Systematic Kinesiology. Each week you gain access to each week’s content AND you access to this material at any time you wish. Our students are MORE confident, MORE skilled and getting AMAZING results with their clients because of the Kinesiology Video Library.  And here’s what else you get:


Over the length of the Last Chance Intensive (about 4 weeks) you will have “live time” as a group on our monthly focus Masterclass & Q&A as well as previous masterclasses are there to watch at any time during the training.

With your Balanced Health course comes membership to our exclusive Facebook private Kinesiology group. This is where you can post your questions and get answers promptly, share successes, and experiences. Every time someone asks a question, it gives the Course Leaders a chance to deepen your understanding, and everyone else learns too, so don’t be shy! There is AMAZING support in here and you’re also meeting like-minded people who are attending courses in our different locations.

Many students share with us the profound difference a Kinesiology session has made to a client or friend and that is inspiring to us as Course Leader and to fellow students.

If you’d like to discuss your options, find out more about the Diploma and
speak with a Course Leader directly then please
click here to book a time that suits you.

Know this is the right time for you?

The fee for this course is usually €1097.  However, for Last Chance we are offering it at a very special Early Bird price of €900 for the first 3 course attendees. I’m afraid we don’t offer an instalment plan for this particular course.

If you’re one of our very special “fast decision” students and you know this is for you, snap up one of these places now. And you’ll have taken the first very step in a very exciting and life changing journey.  (All your books, materials, sample food kit and lifetime access to the course online, the same for all our courses is included).

CLOSING DATE 26th April.


Here’s how students who are on the course right now are getting on:

“My four year old was very difficult to get settled to sleep at night. I now do all the points on his
head every night, he’s so relaxed and falls asleep just minutes afterwards.” Doesn’t EVERY parent want that!!

“Lots of friends are sleeping better and able to cope with their emotions better the
following day … Incredible to see the power of the circuit energy.”

“I love helping people in a very safe and gentle manner”.

”Saturday evening I worked on my aunt who gets regular injections
into her shoulder; she has limited movement and even uses her
opposite arm to pull up the right side of her trousers. When I was
finished she had much more movement and she was delighted’.’

”My cousin wasn’t feeling energetic, so I gave him a full assessment
and treatment and he felt amazing after it.  I also tested for dehydration
and emotional stress, and he then went back home he started doing
push ups he felt that good.”

“I gave my little brother a treatment who was low in energy; he completely
transformed from start to finish.  He texted me later that night to say he was
feeling great and believes strongly in Kinesiology and told me I
did great and to keep it up.”

We’ve been training people in the life changing and empowering information that helps them know how their body works. It makes such a difference to your life and the lives of your family and friends. It’s such a rewarding career – many feel drawn to this type of life.