Level – I Systematic Kinesiology for Physiotherapists CPD

Date:            Saturday September 30th – Sunday October 1st

Time:            9am – 5pm

Location:      Westport Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Clinic, Mill Street, Westport, Co. Mayo

Target level: Introductory          Contact Hours: 14 hours


Margaret Fitzgibbon Chartered Physiotherapist and Systematic Kinesiologist

Siobhan Guthrie, Principal of KinesiologyZone at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland








Learning objectives (physiotherapists CPD):

On completion of the programme participants should be able to:

  • muscle test to ascertain imbalances in the meridian and musculoskeletal system;
  • find the root cause of the client’s weakness, whether Physical, Emotional, Energetic or Chemical in nature;
  • practise techniques to help clients with stress and emotional upset in a simple and effective way;
  • identify and understand the TCM law of the 5 elements – being aware of which emotions are considered attached to each muscle and meridian;
  • use muscle testing to test for food sensitivities and hydration issues that may affect muscle strength and recovery from injury;
  • easily integrate these techniques into their existing treatments with clients both in the public and private sector.

Event Description:

This two day training programme, presented over one weekend, will help physiotherapists to use Systematic Kinesiology to support their clinical practice. It focuses on teaching muscle testing and Systematic Kinesiology to find the root cause of a client’s issue, which can be used to i] support one’s own health and wellbeing ii] integrating into one to one sessions with clients within their scope of professional practise.

The course aims:

1) is to gain knowledge and skills in using Systematic Kinesiology to support clinical practise, in an easy and practical way.

2) To be able to integrate the skills into a one to one work with clients, within the Physiotherapists scope of practice.

Systematic Kinesiology for Physiotherapists

Presenter Bio:

Margaret Fitzgibbon graduated from Robert Gordon’s University, Aberdeen in 2007 and is a Chartered Physiotherapist, with current membership of the ISCP. Prior to this she completed a degree in Sports rehabilitation at Carlow Institute of technology from 2000-2004. She completed the Diploma in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology in 2016 with KinesiologyZone. Margaret works in Private practise in Westport combining MSK Physiotherapy, Systematic Kinesiology and Pilates Classes.  Since introducing Systematic Kinesiology’s holistic approach and being able to identify the root cause of an individual’s health issues, she then devises a personalised treatment plan to promote physical, emotional, energetic health restoration.  So passionate about the impact that Systematic Kinesology has had on her own life, and how she’s been able to help her clients, she completed the Course Leadership Development Programme with KinesiologyZone and is delighted to offer courses tailored to Physiotherapists CPD requirements.

Course materials

Live weekend – Balanced Health textbook

Online support – Access to the Kinesiology Video Library, Facebook group, and a post-course Q&A call.