Introducing the KinesiologyZone Graduate Network

For well over two decades I’ve been teaching, treating, sharing and speaking about Systematic Kinesiology; and continued to explore, learn, and grow. It’s an ongoing journey!

Last year we gathered together as a community on a weekly basis for 3 months.  It was something that unfolded quite naturally as we found ourselves with “nothing to do”, and unable to work.  I both enjoyed organising it, reconnecting with many of you and got feedback that you enjoyed it too.  It was fun to exchange information, be inspired, and was a bit of solid ground as the world as we knew it, crumbled around us.

There’s no doubt that we already are a network, but I also recognise the many benefits of meeting together for a reason, such as to inspire and support each other, set goals, keep learning and shape the future of Systematic Kinesiology.

We have graduates from our Balanced Health, Physio and Diploma Courses all using various levels of Systematic Kinesiology.  In a survey I conducted with graduates last year, 63% of respondants said SK was their main therapy, and 34% was an add on or used in conjunction with other modalities.  41% of you work full time, and 59% part time.  You also gave some great ideas for the type of support and trainings you’d like in place, and these will form the basis of our guest speaker’s topics over the year ahead, in the monthly Community Calls.

I’m delighted to announce the official launch of the KinesiologyZone Graduate Network.  A hub for graduates to continue to learn, grow, get access to monthly resources not shared elsewhere.  Each month there will be a group “Community” call, with invited speakers on an eclectic mix of topics.  If you’re working professionally, there’ll be another call to bring your questions to get support, and there’s a new “find a Systematic Kinesiologist” practitioner listing to direct clients to.

There are three different membership levels to suit our variety of graduates depending on your needs.  There are two main programmes, Silver and Gold.  Silver is for graduates who aren’t working professionally and Balanced Healthers.  Gold supports those who are seeing clients professionally and will include you if you’re a Diploma graduate, Physio or Balanced Health graduate with another modality. Both are annual plans, but Gold has a monthly payment option too.  There is an upgrade option for those looking for 1-1 business support.

See below for the two main programmes:

Silver Level

For graduates of the Balanced Health course and other non-practising Systematic Kinesiologists, who wish to attend our monthly calls, keep learning, exploring and be part of a like-minded, supportive community.  Free membership while you’re a current student.

Member Benefits

10+ community calls per year

Join live Q&A for current Balanced Health Course (about 6-7 calls a year)

Bonuses (on annual plan)
  • Annual meet up day to practice, review, swap treatments.
  • Access to all 12 of the pandemic series “Tuesday Chats
  • An extra discount off early bird rates on special courses.

Gold Level “Inner Circle”

For graduates of the KZ Diploma, but also Balanced Health and physio courses who are practising Systematic Kinesiology in a professional environment.  Perfect for those who wish to keep learning, have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from other practitioners, and add to the growing community.

Member Benefits

10+ community calls per year (monthly) plus

8+ “Power hour” support calls per year.  Kinesiology/condition/problem focussed.  May well become monthly if these prove popular and of value to members.

Practitioner Listing – listing all your therapies alongside SK

Facebook Group

BONUSES (On annual plan)
  • €50 off TASK Conference ticket in October
  • An Inner Circle discount – a simple way of saying “thank you” to members, is an extra discount off early bird rates on new courses.