• Our 2nd Annual Health Roadshow (2018)


Our 2nd annual “Health Road Show” took place 7th-16th August 2018

A series of free LIVE seminars – online and offline

We’re offering an exciting mix of events to enjoy over this 10 day “Health Road Show”.  We’ll have free talks, free online webinars, and on 16th August, the grand finale is the Taster Event in 13 locations around Ireland.  We hope to see you there!

Thursday 9th August at 8pm – Introduction to Systematic Kinesiology – Free webinar, OPEN TO ALL

A Systematic Kinesiology principle is to look at health from a whole person perspective.  Also that each person is unique and that general guidelines are not serving us.  The body is fascinating, and muscle testing is the energetic biofeedback system that enables us to dialogue with the body.  It allows us identify what is stressing the body and where health issues stem from. The practitioner learns to interpret what corrections the body needs to come back into balance.  Kinesiology takes the guesswork out of health care.  By working with a wide range of areas – emotional work, nutritional, physical and energetic systems – results are impressive.  On this introduction we’ll share the power, simplicity and practical ways that Kinesiology can help you.  Systematic Kinesiology is non-invasive, drug free and enormously empowering. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!  Join Siobhan Guthrie and fellow practitioners as they share lots of tips and advice!

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Video Summit for special audiences – FREE TRAINING

Are you already working as a health practitioner? Interested in enhance your current skills? Select to attend our free training webinars below that best suits your current modality, whether massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, yoga or nutrition.  Let us showcase how Kinesiology could be the perfect blend with what you already do.

ATTEND OUR special showcase evening – The Taster Event (live in 13 venues) on Thursday 16th August at 7.30pm – €25 entry.

Health Road Show 2018 Taster Events


When I started to hear about Kinesiology I was fascinated that you get a response and find out about a weakness in the body by testing a muscle. Many years later I started to hear more about Systematic Kinesiology and I attended the roadshow in Tuam. I was won over at the HealthRoadShow and found the leaders’ stories amazing. I knew I wanted to study this technique. Since attending the classes I have worked on a small number of family members. All of them find it fascinating and see a result. It is very rewarding to do something that you love and believe in and to see the great results it brings.

Maureen Mastersonhttps://

Kinesiology has given me my life back…

For many years I was lethargic, unable to go to school, in pain, confused as nothing came up in blood tests. I felt hopeless for 2-3 yrs because I couldn’t do anything as I was exhausted and defeated.

I tried acupuncture which game me relief for a few months and helped me to sit my leaving cert. However it wasn’t getting to the root or cause of my problems.

I was fed up, I was at home googling alternative therapies and I came across Kinesiology. I booked an appointment with a local practitioner and from then on my life changed.

This Kinesiology course has given me so much information on my previous health problem and tools to help me and my family. It has amazed me of what my body is capable of doing such as holding onto emotional trauma that we are not even aware about and shocked me how muscles can on and off so quickly with a simple food placed on the body.

I have learned simple effective tools to help myself relax and sleep by using the ESR points, I energise myself every morning with cross crawl and rubbing the points for supraspinatus and rebounding for 2-3 minutes are now part of my morning routine.

I preferred doing a short course like this to see if this would be suitable career for me and if I was willing to put in the work. On the second weekend I noticed that I was more confident working on other people and remembering the muscles and points.

I want to continue to learn Kinesiology so I can help people who are unwell and have suffering. I can relate to them now and want to do my best to help people. Going through this can be very frustrating but Kinesiology can help the body in so many ways and even benefit children. Learning Kinesiology has give me a purpose and I am excited to learn more about it.

I am different person because of Kinesiology and from doing the course as I am more aware of the effects foods, thoughts and emotions have on the body.

Shannon Landyhttps://